WANG HE YI - W. H. Y’s graduate collection ‘The Waste Land’ draws inspirations from a dramatic scene in the British avant-garde movie A Clockwork Orange (1971) - a cat lady doing yoga before a murder falling upon her. The tension and message of this scene were chosen for elaborating the dialectical emphasis in both ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy and western modern avant-garde aesthetics. The discovery of the Aesthetics of Ugliness is a rebellion of beauty-centred conventional ideology, which opens a whole new world to our human beings.

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Weinan Pan seeks to offer self-awareness and empowerment, authenticity and self-identification to the wearer via her contemporary jewellery collection, ‘Nomadic Princess’, or called ‘Nomadic Tara’.

According to Buddhism, (Green) Tara was a princess before her enlightenment. Thus, ‘Nomadic Princess’ is not a princess in a castle, but a roaming free soul self-empowered with wisdom.

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Wen Yue Zhang’s graduate collection drew inspiration from the cult favourite Chinese movie Farewell My Concubine (1993), which upon its release had a lasting impact on young people of Wen Yue’s generation. The film is a harrowing narrative on history, politics, romance and drama that centers around two boys who grew up as apprentices to an opera school set in the mid-1920s. It follows them on their journey of rigorous training to master the art form of the Peking Opera.

In the film, the line “yet I am by nature a boy, not a girl”, is recited over and over again which points to the age old tradition of men performing female roles on stage.

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Wiam Salt’s inspiration for her collection originated from British Female workwear focusing on the incorporation of the Yemeni culture; by using her awareness of the culturally accepted clothing styles. Wiam was able to create a stunning collection of garments suitable for the target audience. There are several main elements to the Yemeni culture such as the architecture, landscapes and clothing styles which were taken into consideration when creating the collection. The idea behind the collection was to create workwear that was culturally appropriate and would suit both a Yemeni and British women celebrating the cultures together.

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The concept of Winnie Yeung's final project is ‘Growing’. The initial inspiration comes from aerial photography of tulip fields in The Netherlands. Instead of using pen or acrylics to draw and paint, Winnie uses the knitting machine as her drawing tool, and the different kind of yarn as the medium.

Winnie loves experimenting with a range of knitting techniques and yarn combinations. Her first samples have become the visual and haptic inspiration for her next works. In addition, her research method is by observing the details of her samples and taking photographs to make further developments and improvements in the following iterations.

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