Foning Bao’s collection inspired by her grandparent's wedding picture in 1948, which is the time that China has been influenced by western culture for the most. she took the idea from the surreal western style flower shape of the bouquet and Boutonniere that her grandparents wearing, also with the combination of her grandmother’s eastern style vintage wedding flower fabrics.

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Frances’s graduate collection was inspired by the importance of utilising resources that would otherwise end up in landfill. With military themes and the utilisation of surplus garments, the collection experiments with urban camouflage and recycling. Drawing from contemporary trends to put down phones and become weekend warriors this collection was inspired by ideas of a utilitarian-cool aesthetic, with garments that can be worn in both urban and rural environments.

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Francesca Carini’s collection was inspired by her Italian heritage and the story of immigration from an agricultural lifestyle in the rural mountains of Italy to the liberal city lifestyle of London in the 60s/70s, taking a look at the Italian communities that formed there. She explored how culture and traditions from a simple, rustic way of life adapt to their new surroundings and the visuals of a new decade.

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The use of print throughout Frankie Dean’s collection is based on the Siamese fighting fish. Their territorial behaviour provided a parallel to how people assert their possession of space exterior to themselves and circle around each other in the same way as the Siamese fighting fish do when they are about to attack. Each drawing is layered with both straight and tape lines that expresses an externalisation of presence in space.

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Fredrik Möller´s collection was inspired by the world of business. 80´s Movies and 90´s casual wear with an idea of creating new characters with new silhouettes. Business professional meeting casual wear and a bunch of co-workers having a “Casual Friday”. Breaking down rules within the business world as well as the characters within.

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