After graduating from Birmingham City University, Xin Wen launched her own brand, Espiègle. Redefining the art of millinery with fun, passion and literal skill, Wen’s bold creations are transforming the hat world. Blending her fearless imagination with a more accessible sensibility, she creates amazing and unexpected head adornments for every occasion.

It’s no surprise that due to her avant-garde aesthetic, her elegantly energetic works of art have been featured in the likes of Cosmopolitan, Little Thing and Coco Magazine.

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Fei Fei Guo graduated in Fashion Womenswear from Qing Hua Arts College, a prestigious art school in China, in 2007. He soon found a passion for producing hand made leather accessories and established his brand GOFEFE in 2012. GOFEFE reconceptualises the language of bondage and BDSM in a playful manner to create accessories including harnesses, bags, keychains and lollipop cases.

His work includes bold or pastel colours as well as the more traditional monochrome palette found in bondage.

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IA London was founded in 2016 by award winning designer and creative director, Ira Avezov and fast became known for her elegantly alluring scarves. The brand’s unique and instantly recognisable signature comes from diverse cultural influences and the use of engaging, hypnotic colours within their designs. Each scarf is a spontaneous touch of fashion. They are modern, authentic and completely independent, giving your look that perfect finishing touch.

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Tag Battoo aims to bring a healing energy to fashion. Launched in Spring 2019, Tag Battoos are fragments of fine art for handbags and jackets that also breathe new life into much-loved pieces, restore vintage treasures; and offer rescue remedies when luck doesn’t go your way.

Using inking, embossing and gilding techniques Tag Battoos are inspired by tattoos and their transformative and symbolic qualities which render them far from skin deep. Tag Battoos go beyond decoration to act like a “Band-Aid” to gently and beautifully heal holes, tears, burns and stains.

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Tissuville’s name has a narration of its own. In French, “Tissu”- means Fabric, Web, that is bound and “Ville”- means Town. The essence of Tissuville is based on the connection we create and build with the world, the journey that we take on board to “conquer more”. Tissuville is a brand rooted in symbolism, the Tissuville Gryphon- a creature part eagle and part lion with maracas is a key trademark and embodies freedom, courage, and flow.

Launched in 2018, the brand started its own journey in Stockholm, 2011. Tissuville’s world is a world of luxury and authenticity, empowering accessories created to evoke celebration.

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Yi Zhou received her MA in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2013. Her works include an amalgamation of art, design and fashion. LITTLE E was founded in 2014 in Beijing, as an innovative accessories brand which combines her interests. 

One of her projects, ‘Body Memory,’ consists of duplicated cast models of body parts, which have been transformed into accessories. The project is based on how our body stores memories about our experiences, habits and sensations.

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Founded in 2014, Zapota Hair is a London based premium hair brand company built around the concept of redefining hair by turning it into a fashion accessory. They craft a collection of trendy and inventive styles with a focus on quality materials and clean designs.

Zapota Hair also heavily focus on sustainability by ensuring that their hair products are obtained from ethical and non-exploitative sources. Manikara zapota is a tropical fruit rich in vitamins, minerals and antitoxins found mainly in Amazonia zapota and is known for having numerous health benefits. For Zapota Hair the exotic zapota fruit is a symbol of strength, diversity, vitality and beauty.

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