Alex Shen graduated in Womenswear at Bunka Fashion College in 2013 in Tokyo. She served as president of the Foreign Student Association, and received a scholarship of excellent performance. She has a solid foundation in fine art, and has been appraised for her art heel sketches by Jimmy Choo. During her time in Tokyo, she also studied at an avant-garde school, Coconogacco famous for art and creative performance training for which she was highly appraised.

After Interning at HANAI INC. and HIROKO KOSHINO INTERNATIONAL INC., Alex Shen founded Alex Design Studio in Tokyo Shibuya, and started a series of art and design practices.

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The playful and sculptural designs of Cleo De Laet are inspired by strong women, artists and artworks that fascinate the designer. Educated as an architect, the designer has developed a very unique approach towards fashion design and her creative process results in elegant, timeless silhouettes and complex constructions with a strong eye for details.

Her collection has a very personal expression and is made of unique, high-quality materials that extend the life of the garments

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GU CHIT A was founded by Shahnaz Natasha Imran, graduate from ESMOD Jakarta International Fashion and Business School, Indonesia in 2018 specialising in New Couture. An ambitious and highly creative designer that can make her into Best Fashion Design of New Couture in ESMOD Jakarta. Also being a top 10 finalist of Fashion Division for Paris fashion Week 2018.

Now GU CHIT A focused on a Ready-to-Wear Luxury collection. But still with deep research for the theme and ideas. Passionate in creating collection that involve handmade, details, exclusivity and luxurious, with the more simple silhouette, so everyone not only enjoy the artistic of it but also can wear it.

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House of Compulsion is a UK-based womenswear brand, founded by the award winning designer, Alina Morar.

The brand began with a project to reinvent an all-time favourite clothing item: the Biker Jacket. House of Compulsion specialises in deconstructing and reinterpreting the classic biker jacket by exploring with leather, textures, shapes and colours in unexpected ways.

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Klockwise is a contemporary knitwear brand founded in 2018, combining the classic elements, knit techniques and creating timeless romance designs. Like the hour hand moves around the clock, eternal and classic elements are brought from the past and move to the next with a new concept. As a 100% knitwear brand, Klockwise has been exploring the usage of different yarns and stitches.

Featured yarns with dedicated stitches not only are exquisite but also comfortable. Klockwise aims to provide elegant yet comfortable cocktail dresses and day wears for every woman who likes to dress up for her memorable moments.

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Lawrence Chieh-Min Chang, a New York based designer, is a craftsman who focuses on creating artistic, provoking, yet elegant silhouettes for the heroine-to-be woman. He often combines traditional garment-making techniques with modern technology and materials; believing that innovative design is the key to preserving the past, and forging the future.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Lawrence has developed a love for the mechanisms behind the function of creations and seeks change for improvements.

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Loom Loop was founded by Global Design 2019 award winners, Polly Ho and Andy Wong, one is a dreamer the other is a perfectionist, it was a chance encounter with a 300 year old heritage fabric. When the designers saw the heritage fabric called the Canton silk, they were bowled over by the artisan techniques employed to dye the silk, it uses plant based dye, river mud and solar power.

It is eco-friendly though the process is painstaking it transforms the delicate and fragile silk into something with more substance that can withstand the test of time. The unusual texture and its unique appearance are the result of the organic process and chemistry from all the elements from nature.

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Launched in 2018, Manimekala is a brand based on a dream: beautiful fashion that empowers both the wearer and the makers. While studying on the University of Westminster's prestigious BA (Hons) Fashion course, Manimekala Fuller gained international experience in the fashion industry, interning under designers Manish Arora and Roksanda Illinčić, amongst others. Upon graduation, her love for colour and pattern as a form of wearable expression led her to establish her namesake brand, for those who dream.

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Marrisa Wilson NY was founded in 2016 by Marrisa Wilson - first generation Guyanese American born and raised in New Jersey. Wilson majored in Fashion Design with double minors in Fashion Merchandising and Product Development, receiving her BFA in May of 2015. In fall 2013, Wilson spent a semester abroad in Paris, honing her skills at both the Mod'Spe International School of Merchandising and Paris College of Art.

As a two time Fashion Scholarship Fund Winner, Wilson has had an impressive resume with names such as J. Mendel, Oscar de la Renta, rag & bone, and Calvin Klein.

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Iconic storm of colour and pattern speaks for Fashion Print designer Mona Cordes who is based in London.

Her Graduate Collection, which was selected to be shown in the Middlesex University's Press Show at Somerset House, was inspired by the circus, and by personal photos and memories of her childhood where she dressed as a clown.

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NATTA is a ready-to-wear designer brand founded in 2018 by Jenny Nattakarn upon graduating from the prestigious Fashion Design Womenswear at Istituto Marangoni in London.

NATTA stands by the concepts of deconstruction and modernism of womenswear’s silhouette. She focused on exploring new ways of constructing garments to even small exquisite finishing details to make each of them unique but wearable with the balance between masculinity and femininity.

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Born in 1977 in Germany, Nina Athanasiou used to work as an Freelance Illustrator while also running her own Bar after studying Fashion Design. In 2013, after giving birth to her two children, she finally turned back to Fashion and has been presenting her Label successfully during Fashion Week New York, London, Berlin and Vancouver as well as Boston. In 2013 she was also rewarded with the Emerging Designer Award during Fashion Week London, in 2016 she won the Fashion Award of BKFW in Brooklyn, New York.

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Inspired by the form and structure of the human anatomy - Rosie D’Ercole’s SS20 collection (Therion) explores silhouette through a creative use of pattern cutting. It is clear that lingerie played a large part in inspiring her construction techniques, with the use of multiple underbodies to build and alter the silhouette.

The contradiction of mixing dark subject matter with wearable silhouette and print has always been appealing to Rosie. A key research image was Joel Peter-Witkin’s ‘Woman Once a Bird’, finding the crossover between human and animal intriguing.

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Significantly influenced by her upbringing in Taiwan, a country of complex culture background, Sabrina has cultivated a keen passion for different cultures. The dynamic art scene and cultural climate in New York provided her a wellspring of inspirations and nourishment. Titled “the Art of Travel,” Sabrina’s first collection was enlightened by her journey to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, where the vigorous street art blends in the Jewish neighborhood.

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Ruizi Shi graduated in Fashion Womenswear from Istituto Marangoni, Italy in 2012. After her studies abroad in Italy and London, she returned to China and founded her brand and store SHUR RUITZ in Chonqing in 2013. Her designs can be described as an amalgamation of East couture with the West and aim to bring harmonious aesthetics to modern times.

She is influenced by Taoism, the concept of inner peace translates into her minimal contemporary designs.

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Caroline Karro is an award-winning designer and founder of Studio Karro. Caroline’s designs and detailed tailoring is proof of the mastered fashion craftsmanship that Studio Karro is bringing to the each of the garments.

She debuted her first collection at London’s Graduate Fashion Week, which was followed by the first stockist boutique at London’s Camden Town and a showcase of her collection at London Fashion Week.

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Tian Wang graduated in BA Fashion Design Technology Surface Textile for Fashion at London College of Fashion in 2009. After returning to China she founded her brand 'tiantian' in 2012. Her distinctive personal style is feminine yet contemporary. Inspiration is mainly derived from nature using hand drawn and digitally printed florals and soft tones in simple modern silhouettes.

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CHEZ-SOI is a project built on a personal experience of not feeling at home. Imagining a wardrobe which restores the comfort and nostalgia of our dearest places to us, no matter where we are. He combined the two strongest places he lived in and extracted their colors, materials and symbols to recreate a space in between, his collection.

Traditionally trained in draping and pattern making, he pursued a more sustainable way of designing through digital.

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Viktoria Tisza, is a Hungarian fashion designer who launched her eponymous brand focusing on women’s swimwear. Since 2014 she has been experimenting with new technologies and she has created moulded pieces of silicone rubber, a versatile material that supports her sci-fi ambience concepts.

The technology Viktoria has developed and the pieces she has created are both visually pleasing, waterproof and enduring are highly eco-friendly.

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Li Ling Wang, based in Taiwan, studied MA Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins in 2011. Wang’s signature design consists of the creative application of new materials and the continued success of science and technology combined with fashion. She has explored the creative possibilities within material science and high and low technology. This has been achieved through conceptualising the forces of nature and further experimenting toward the development and application of technology in fashion

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Ying Yang (Y-Y) is a New York based womenswear brand, established in 2019. Ying believes that as a designer, she is not just designing clothes, but sharing stories. After her previous experience several fashion labels, she wanted to launch her own label to translate her stories into modern fashion pieces.

The designer is based in New York, and graduated from Pratt Institute. Ying Yang was originally born in China and, moved to the U.S, New York City at the age of 13. After her graduation, she works for Vera Wang, Jill Stuart, and Title of work, Ying launch her label Ying Yang at 2019.

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