Italian born and raised in Germany, Jennifer Moica has had a love for creating and drawing from an early age. This passion lies in her family’s DNA, her grandmother in Sardinia used to sew and tailor pieces for all of her relatives and friends.

The pieces she creates give off an edgy, psychedelic feel and are filled with urban graphics, material mixes and layered drapes. She has received wide-ranging media coverage for her collections and has been featured on the likes of Glamour Magazine, Sleeves Magazine and Bright & Bent Magazine.

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Established in 2014, Vols & Original is a London based brand of custom-made outerwear and couture creations. Bespoke tailoring, along with this duo’s passions - music and craftsmanship - are the core identities of the brand.

The designs, originally crafted for private orders by notorious VIP clients across the UK, soon became popular within their network and the positive response was the turning point that led to the creation of the label. The inspiration behind the brand comes from the desire of two souls, Bart ‘Vols’ and Natalia ‘Original’ to share their love for fashion, art and music with the world.

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