Jen Neame-Collins is an independent British jewellery designer based in France. She is the founder of Atelier Jen, a statement jewellery brand known for its intricate details, bold patterns and a special technique of papier-mâché resulting in an impeccable unique aesthetic.

Jen began using her techniques to create jewellery inspired by many things, from Renaissance art to Dolly Parton, classical to kitsch, each collection evolves naturally from the last, with new colours, shapes and patterns fitting seamlessly into the aesthetic.

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Ellis Mhairi Cameron is a fine jeweller, whose work is inspired by her Scottish heritage. Created by hand in her London studio, Ellis uses traditional techniques and hand skills to give her pieces their signature rugged aesthetic.

Since launching her brand in 2017, Ellis has secured several stockists within the UK and Europe, and has been featured in publications such as Vanity Fair and Vogue.

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After graduating from Birmingham City University, Xin Wen launched her own brand, Espiègle. Redefining the art of millinery with fun, passion and literal skill, Wen’s bold creations are transforming the hat world. Blending her fearless imagination with a more accessible sensibility, she creates amazing and unexpected head adornments for every occasion.

It’s no surprise that due to her avant-garde aesthetic, her elegantly energetic works of art have been featured in the likes of Cosmopolitan, Little Thing and Coco Magazine.

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Chan Ho Chi started his own brand, RHAPSODY IN FOREST after graduating from MA Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins in 2013. His collections have been exhibited at the London Design Festival. He has also collaborated with Renli Su, a London based fashion designer, at London Fashion week, Paris Fashion week and Shanghai Fashion Week. He is a registered member of the British Goldsmiths Company and has received a commend award from Goldsmiths Design.

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STUDIO_COPULA began as an experimental accessories lab based in NYC. Established by four designers Christina Zhu, Cecilia Zhu, Eason Gao, Chubai Liu in 2018.The name is derived from the Latin noun for a “link” or “tie” that connects two different things. The label holds the belief that humans are social animals that need to be connected in order to thrive and to survive.

“Social”, the word itself, is merely a coping-ideology formulated by the development of our societal infrastructure, fuelled by the human instinct to orient towards each other. It is merely collective ideas projected outwards, merely expressions of human connectivity, yet a dominant force that shapes the perception and behaviour of our current generation.

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Yoster's jewellery is a blend of preciseness, power and emotion with a vision to create jewellery that stands also as a sculpture object that you can connect to, collect and keep.

Founder Hila Amar named her brand after her parents, Yosi and Ester, who taught her two of the most important skills that make her the artist she is today, how to touch and how to believe. She is driven by the material and inspired by natural patterns. Hila seeks to find forms that maintain a dialogue between spirit and material. Her collections are contemporary yet timeless.

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