The brand 'B SLASH B' was launched by ANNIE EUNBYEOL CHOI in Seoul, South Korea in 2017. After Choi's graduation, she has committed herself entirely into the fashion industry, and her graduate collection has rapidly gained a significant level of media attention and press exposure, through the Graduate Talent Programme of Fashion Crossover London. She has brought to the fashion industry a breathe of fresh air, through her high end tailor made but yet contemporary Menswear signature design style.

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Fei Fei Yang graduated from MA Menswear at London College of Fashion in 2014 after studying BA Womenswear. Soon after she launched FEI FEI YANG, her own menswear brand instilled with a concept of blurring traditional gender boundaries in fashion.

Inspiration is derived from architecture, astrology, music and feminism.

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Léon Bara is a contemporary menswear label combining resilience and utility with refined and progressive aesthetics. They create contemporary uniforms relevant for movement through our urban surroundings, tailoring functionality to the needs of the wearer. At the label’s core lies a tension between the fragile and resilient, natural and synthetic, conventional and progressive.

Léon Bara works closely with specialist manufacturers, combining advanced construction techniques and traditional craftsmanship to create clothing defined by versatility, comfort and uncompromising performance.

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Significantly influenced by her upbringing in Taiwan, a country of complex culture background, Sabrina has cultivated a keen passion for different cultures. The dynamic art scene and cultural climate in New York provided her a wellspring of inspirations and nourishment. Titled “the Art of Travel,” Sabrina’s first collection was enlightened by her journey to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, where the vigorous street art blends in the Jewish neighborhood.

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Li Ling Wang, based in Taiwan, studied MA Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins in 2011. Wang’s signature design consists of the creative application of new materials and the continued success of science and technology combined with fashion. She has explored the creative possibilities within material science and high and low technology. This has been achieved through conceptualising the forces of nature and further experimenting toward the development and application of technology in fashion

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