The making behind the beautiful shoes.

Fields of Gold artisanal shoes are born out of passion for travel. Turning local authentic handcrafts into fashion masterpieces. Fields of Gold represents unique eastern motives, combining tradition and innovation. Each pair are completely unique, with over 30 hours of hand embroidery followed by strict quality control.

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Over 40’s people are good at making their own style through basic items. Normally, their style is simple and neat with unique accessories or items, even their white hair can be used to represent by themselves naturally. They aren’t intend to be fashionable with fancy or gorgeous items because they already knew a specific point in minimalist fashion. I might feel ‘Mature Beauty’ through those fashion styles.

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It was 2017, acid attacks in London were frequent as well as consistent fears of terrorist related plots looming in the air for most Londoners.

At the time, Lauren (founder of Cutforth & Conquer) had been busy immersing herself in as many British music festivals she could get her hands on, she adored the fashion, and the constant reference of 70’s sequins and fashion was hard to ignore, “I suffered terrible with transport related anxiety so festivals were a good way of escaping reality”.

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PIAGETTI shoes are produced in the South of Brazil. Piagetti produces shoes with extreme detail and sophistication, using gloves during the manufacturing process. In the factory’s portfolios there are a range of luxury brands being produced, such as Sophia Webster.

Inspired by nature and beauty, the colours have been chosen to be feminine yet detailed. The shoes are all made with calf leather and are soft and comfortable.

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