Throughout the years it has become noticeable that culture tends to have an influence on the way individuals experience and perceive life. Paloma has always had a profound admiration for Peru, its culture and its people.

Being bought up in Lima, the capital of Peru, developed her interest and admiration of their architecture and textile manipulation. Their colourful layered houses and diverse historical locations such as Macchu Picchu and Chan Chan provide meaningful illustrations of ancient art.

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The collection, Synthesis, was inspired by the concept of psychological cubism, a way in which different psychological states and aspects of the identity can coexist simultaneously within a single individual. The narrative explores how we shape our own identities, especially as denizens of different countries exposed to and immersed in diverse systems of meaning. Inspirations from the designer Sardinian heritage are combined with elements of her present life in London, expressed simultaneously, replicating metaphorically cubist compositions as states of mind.

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刹那 is the word that represents the shortest accountable time in Chinese, and equal to 1000000000000000000 / 1 second. This is a project about distortion, transformation and the complexity behind simpleness.

The project begins with a part of my memory from childhood. When I was younger, I used to sit in my father’s car and look at the things moving backwards outside the window. I always enjoyed looking at the fence beside the highway. When things quickly moving behind the stripes of fence, I see the shape of the things being broken, distorted and twisted, which amazed me a lot.

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Inspired by the way insects are constantly renovating and breaking their own inherent patterns in order to become brand new, vivacious and beautiful beings, Peng Yu focused on breaking original lifestyles when it came to creating his collection.

Moving on from this, Peng Yu began observing himself and how he immerses himself into the world, and more importantly, into a chaotic society. Through this he learnt who he wanted to be and how to achieve that goal.

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PIAGETTI shoes are produced in the South of Brazil. Piagetti produces shoes with extreme detail and sophistication, using gloves during the manufacturing process. In the factory’s portfolios there are a range of luxury brands being produced, such as Sophia Webster.

Inspired by nature and beauty, the colours have been chosen to be feminine yet detailed. The shoes are all made with calf leather and are soft and comfortable.

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Pierluigi De Mita's collection is inspired by a space journey, seen with an ironic perspective. we all dreamed of going on a journey in space at least once in our childhood. one of Pierluigi's favourite cartoons was set in space, so it is inserted in the garments, in the form of spaceships, planets, embroidered on the finished garment. this collection has been influenced by several factors, such as those of the 80s, with regards to over lines and the use of classic wool fabrics, combined with these sports shapes. everything is linked by points of light, thanks to the use of sequins and stones, making all the garments unique in their kind.

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Thailand has been in control of a military government for quite some time and the long overdue general election has been repeatedly delayed; whilst the recent death and funeral of the beloved 9Th Thai king deeply affected all Thais it diverted attention from these issues and affected the whole country not just emotionally but also economically.

The collection honours the hard work the king had done to stop poverty and homeless but also highlights the issues which concern its people and uses the rich culture and heritage through the medium of a dystopian science fiction film.

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Polina Oleynikova’s inspiration for the collection is Demon-based theory. I was inspired by Vrubel’s artworks dedicated to the same topic and his work in general The key word is duality. The eternal contrast that comes through our lives, decisions, opinions and actions. Looking at the dark and light in ourselves and finding this balance between them.

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Drawing on her initial theme of magic, she expanded to a more abstract approach as her work progressed. Focusing on elements such as transformation, distortion of reality and secret knowledge allowed her to express her research in a more individual way. Graduations in colour, obscured patterns and glitches all contribute to the illusive mood of her designs.

The concept behind her final outcomes were that they were talismanic fabrics, with specific protective elements woven into their design. It was important for her to capture the sense of mystery from her research while creating a collection that was still sophisticated and new.

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Poppy Simone Dowsing's luxury resort graduate collection embodies all the bright and bold colours of the swinging 60's, along with the shapes and silhouettes of mother nature.

Poppy's collection was originally inspired by the culture and heart of Dubai. The use of hand-crafted flower motifs and gold tones in The Grand Mosque, in addition to the yellow desert, started the journey she took towards creating her colour palette and silhouettes.

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Classic beauty is no longer adored, imperfections and the bravery to show them are treated as a symbol of uniqueness and of a well-defined personality. The media portrays ideals telling us who, what and how we should be. Pravjot wanted to explore imperfection in our daily lives focusing on textures, colour and silhouettes. She turned this negative view and embraced it into something of beauty.

During the research stage of the concept, she had looked at model Winne Harlow, who has Vitiligo which is a skin pigmentation caused by lack of melanin pigment in the skin. The designer was enticed by Winnie Harlow’s beauty and how she embraced herself in society.

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