Qi Rui Siew’s collection explores the boundary between fashion and art, inspired by the culture of Singapore. Chinese knots, batik print, handmade Chinese opera headdresses, handmade wooden clogs and sari prints are elements found in the collection. Non-binary clothing and the notion that skirts can be worn by everyone are discussed in this collection.

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Qiuye Pan’s collection was inspired by the situation and outfits of people in the rush hours on weekdays, she took the references from backpacks, sportswear and analysis the structures, and captured the changes when fabrics wrinkle and form 3D shapes naturally during people’s movements. Qiuye Pan aimed to play with the fabrics and mixed in the sporty, functional elements to create a simple, modern womenswear collection in a playful, and thoughtful way.

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Qiqi Zhang graduated from the Fashion BA course from Kingston University in 2017. Zhang has been very passionate about introducing traditional cultural elements into contemporary pieces, elevating the traditional designs by injecting a dramatic element.

Zhang aims to break the boundaries of gender recognition, and at the same time, creating fashionable pieces focusing on practicality for everyday use.

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In Qiwei's A/W 2018 Collection, Claude Cahun's work formed a major part of her inspiration. The key concept was developed from two main characteristics incorporated in Cahun's work.

Firstly, it is Cahun's photography, the way how she embraced different personas with distinct characters, using it as a tool to break through the traditional definition and barrier between the two genders, at the same time, blurring the line between masculinity and femininity.

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Qi Wu found inspiration for her collection through quirky, chunky objects from all over the world and was captivated by Kintsugi, an ancient craft skill. On her travels, Qi would buy different items in a variety of countries and would use them to decorate her living spaces. She then decided that if these items can be used to decorate her house then why shouldn’t she use them to decorate herself and give them multiple purposes.

Qi Wu didn’t like the idea of old things becoming abandoned. The potential and fascinating aspects of certain items can be discarded so easily in the rapidly developing modern society that we live in.

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