With a focus on quality materials and vibrant hair colours, the inspiration behind Zapota Hair’s hair accessories range is clear – inventive forms, modern designs and minimalist architecture. Selecting the right colour is the first step in the making process. Zapota Hair have created a set of more than 500 colours inspired by the latest hair trends.

To make hair accessories Zapota Hair only use the best blonde hair from their trusted suppliers. They monitor their supply chain to ensure that the hair is obtained from ethical and non exploitative sources.

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Zarah Ahmed was first inspired to design her collection 'HYPER BODY', after happening upon British artist Jenny Saville's styled paintings of voluminous nude bodies. It was from there that she started to reflect on her own body image and attitudes to bigger bodies within wider society. Body positivity and fat-shaming is only now becoming an important issue in fashion. To put her own individual spin on the topic, Zarah took inspiration from artists, like Ernesto Neto, that interpreted the body into bulbous fleshy sculptural artworks. Inspired by the conceptual artworks, she worked with experimental materials like sponge, latex and beads, to create her own 3D and 2D artworks.

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Zexi Yu is redefining menswear. Her graduate collection, ‘Dandy In His Garden’, received a magical makeover via dazzling designs embroidered with flowers. Inspired by tailoring and corsetry history, each piece translates an approachable feel.

Yu enhanced her garments through complex lining and shoulder pad silhouettes. This allowed her to create innovative designs that were further heightened through skilful tailoring.

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Zhaoshen Wang, a Chinese jewellery designer, designs in an open society. This tolerance allows Wang to link cultures and create a mixed design language in his MA collection. Wang started with the observation and research into the frequent social events surrounding identities, that are a characteristic of contemporary European cultures. Events such as gay pride, national naked ride, festivals, marches, and gatherings.

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ALL OR NOTHING graduate collection was inspired by Zlata’s experience in the UK where she had to either make it or go back home. To show her values and heritage Zlata used the Russian language to express the notion of ALL OR NOTHING, which translates as ВСЁ ИЛИ НИЧЕГО.

The silhouette and gender-neutral designs were inspired and developed through the exploration of kimono, a traditional Japanese garment. The notion of Eastern pattern cutting was explored and compared to the Western approach. Creating the space between the body and garment allowed the wearer to move and interact with the garments.

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The main inspiration behind her collection came from a final project she completed for her freshman year art history class in 2015. Different forms of body adornment, such as tattoos, piercings, cosmetic enhancements, and other modifications, have had cultural significance since humans began learning a language and using tools, and its significance is still apparent today as symbols of identity. Zo herself has been practising modifications since she was younger, as it is a significant cultural practice in her community.

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In this collection, taking a closer look and getting a deeper understanding of the daily wear of the female city workers. To explore a more comfortable and casual way of wearing ‘white shirt’. Also, inspired and extracted from the free rules of modern music by John Cage and some other experimental artists.

Specifically, the main direction of her collection is researching, manipulating and transforming the white shirt technical details. Open slit, overlapped, misplaced, hidden pockets, oversized, attached layers, the addition of these delicate details make the whole collection more diverse and unique, just like the surprises of daily life and the temporary escape from the boring repetitive work. She got the inspiration from John Cage’s experimental music scores which are not like the traditional scores --- unique, irregular, free.

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