Alex Shen graduated in Womenswear at Bunka Fashion College in 2013 in Tokyo. She served as president of the Foreign Student Association, and received a scholarship of excellent performance. She has a solid foundation in fine art, and has been appraised for her art heel sketches by Jimmy Choo. During her time in Tokyo, she also studied at an avant-garde school, Coconogacco famous for art and creative performance training for which she was highly appraised.

After Interning at HANAI INC. and HIROKO KOSHINO INTERNATIONAL INC., Alex Shen founded Alex Design Studio in Tokyo Shibuya, and started a series of art and design practices.

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Jen Neame-Collins is an independent British jewellery designer based in France. She is the founder of Atelier Jen, a statement jewellery brand known for its intricate details, bold patterns and a special technique of papier-mâché resulting in an impeccable unique aesthetic.

Jen began using her techniques to create jewellery inspired by many things, from Renaissance art to Dolly Parton, classical to kitsch, each collection evolves naturally from the last, with new colours, shapes and patterns fitting seamlessly into the aesthetic.

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The brand 'B SLASH B' was launched by ANNIE EUNBYEOL CHOI in Seoul, South Korea in 2017. After Choi's graduation, she has committed herself entirely into the fashion industry, and her graduate collection has rapidly gained a significant level of media attention and press exposure, through the Graduate Talent Programme of Fashion Crossover London. She has brought to the fashion industry a breathe of fresh air, through her high end tailor made but yet contemporary Menswear signature design style.

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The playful and sculptural designs of Cleo De Laet are inspired by strong women, artists and artworks that fascinate the designer. Educated as an architect, the designer has developed a very unique approach towards fashion design and her creative process results in elegant, timeless silhouettes and complex constructions with a strong eye for details.

Her collection has a very personal expression and is made of unique, high-quality materials that extend the life of the garments

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After graduating from Birmingham City University, Xin Wen launched her own brand, Espiègle. Redefining the art of millinery with fun, passion and literal skill, Wen’s bold creations are transforming the hat world. Blending her fearless imagination with a more accessible sensibility, she creates amazing and unexpected head adornments for every occasion.

It’s no surprise that due to her avant-garde aesthetic, her elegantly energetic works of art have been featured in the likes of Cosmopolitan, Little Thing and Coco Magazine.

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Fei Fei Yang graduated from MA Menswear at London College of Fashion in 2014 after studying BA Womenswear. Soon after she launched FEI FEI YANG, her own menswear brand instilled with a concept of blurring traditional gender boundaries in fashion.

Inspiration is derived from architecture, astrology, music and feminism.

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Fei Fei Guo graduated in Fashion Womenswear from Qing Hua Arts College, a prestigious art school in China, in 2007. He soon found a passion for producing hand made leather accessories and established his brand GOFEFE in 2012. GOFEFE reconceptualises the language of bondage and BDSM in a playful manner to create accessories including harnesses, bags, keychains and lollipop cases.

His work includes bold or pastel colours as well as the more traditional monochrome palette found in bondage.

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House of Compulsion is a UK-based womenswear brand, founded by the award winning designer, Alina Morar.

The brand began with a project to reinvent an all-time favourite clothing item: the Biker Jacket. House of Compulsion specialises in deconstructing and reinterpreting the classic biker jacket by exploring with leather, textures, shapes and colours in unexpected ways.

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IA London was founded in 2016 by award winning designer and creative director, Ira Avezov and fast became known for her elegantly alluring scarves. The brand’s unique and instantly recognisable signature comes from diverse cultural influences and the use of engaging, hypnotic colours within their designs. Each scarf is a spontaneous touch of fashion. They are modern, authentic and completely independent, giving your look that perfect finishing touch.

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Italian born and raised in Germany, Jennifer Moica has had a love for creating and drawing from an early age. This passion lies in her family’s DNA, her grandmother in Sardinia used to sew and tailor pieces for all of her relatives and friends.

The pieces she creates give off an edgy, psychedelic feel and are filled with urban graphics, material mixes and layered drapes. She has received wide-ranging media coverage for her collections and has been featured on the likes of Glamour Magazine, Sleeves Magazine and Bright & Bent Magazine.

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Léon Bara is a contemporary menswear label combining resilience and utility with refined and progressive aesthetics. They create contemporary uniforms relevant for movement through our urban surroundings, tailoring functionality to the needs of the wearer. At the label’s core lies a tension between the fragile and resilient, natural and synthetic, conventional and progressive.

Léon Bara works closely with specialist manufacturers, combining advanced construction techniques and traditional craftsmanship to create clothing defined by versatility, comfort and uncompromising performance.

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Brazilian born and London raised, Gabriela Piagetti is an authentic designer and believes in the excellence of well designed shoes. She created her own brand, Piagetti and has been designing stop-in-the-street, head turning styles for well over 10 years.

With a strong Italian footwear heritage and architect parents, it’s no surprise that she was instantly attracted to design and craftsmanship. No heel is too high and no detail too decadent, Gabriela creates a range of custom creations.

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Chan Ho Chi started his own brand, RHAPSODY IN FOREST after graduating from MA Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins in 2013. His collections have been exhibited at the London Design Festival. He has also collaborated with Renli Su, a London based fashion designer, at London Fashion week, Paris Fashion week and Shanghai Fashion Week. He is a registered member of the British Goldsmiths Company and has received a commend award from Goldsmiths Design.

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Significantly influenced by her upbringing in Taiwan, a country of complex culture background, Sabrina has cultivated a keen passion for different cultures. The dynamic art scene and cultural climate in New York provided her a wellspring of inspirations and nourishment. Titled “the Art of Travel,” Sabrina’s first collection was enlightened by her journey to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, where the vigorous street art blends in the Jewish neighborhood.

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Ruizi Shi graduated in Fashion Womenswear from Istituto Marangoni, Italy in 2012. After her studies abroad in Italy and London, she returned to China and founded her brand and store SHUR RUITZ in Chonqing in 2013. Her designs can be described as an amalgamation of East couture with the West and aim to bring harmonious aesthetics to modern times.

She is influenced by Taoism, the concept of inner peace translates into her minimal contemporary designs.

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Caroline Karro is an award-winning designer and founder of Studio Karro. Caroline’s designs and detailed tailoring is proof of the mastered fashion craftsmanship that Studio Karro is bringing to the each of the garments.

She debuted her first collection at London’s Graduate Fashion Week, which was followed by the first stockist boutique at London’s Camden Town and a showcase of her collection at London Fashion Week.

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Tian Wang graduated in BA Fashion Design Technology Surface Textile for Fashion at London College of Fashion in 2009. After returning to China she founded her brand 'tiantian' in 2012. Her distinctive personal style is feminine yet contemporary. Inspiration is mainly derived from nature using hand drawn and digitally printed florals and soft tones in simple modern silhouettes.

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Tissuville’s name has a narration of its own. In French, “Tissu”- means Fabric, Web, that is bound and “Ville”- means Town. The essence of Tissuville is based on the connection we create and build with the world, the journey that we take on board to “conquer more”. Tissuville is a brand rooted in symbolism, the Tissuville Gryphon- a creature part eagle and part lion with maracas is a key trademark and embodies freedom, courage, and flow.

Launched in 2018, the brand started its own journey in Stockholm, 2011. Tissuville’s world is a world of luxury and authenticity, empowering accessories created to evoke celebration.

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Established in 2014, Vols & Original is a London based brand of custom-made outerwear and couture creations. Bespoke tailoring, along with this duo’s passions - music and craftsmanship - are the core identities of the brand.

The designs, originally crafted for private orders by notorious VIP clients across the UK, soon became popular within their network and the positive response was the turning point that led to the creation of the label. The inspiration behind the brand comes from the desire of two souls, Bart ‘Vols’ and Natalia ‘Original’ to share their love for fashion, art and music with the world.

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Li Ling Wang, based in Taiwan, studied MA Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins in 2011. Wang’s signature design consists of the creative application of new materials and the continued success of science and technology combined with fashion. She has explored the creative possibilities within material science and high and low technology. This has been achieved through conceptualising the forces of nature and further experimenting toward the development and application of technology in fashion

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Yi Zhou received her MA in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2013. Her works include an amalgamation of art, design and fashion. LITTLE E was founded in 2014 in Beijing, as an innovative accessories brand which combines her interests. 

One of her projects, ‘Body Memory,’ consists of duplicated cast models of body parts, which have been transformed into accessories. The project is based on how our body stores memories about our experiences, habits and sensations.Read more


Yoster's jewellery is a blend of preciseness, power and emotion with a vision to create jewellery that stands also as a sculpture object that you can connect to, collect and keep.

Founder Hila Amar named her brand after her parents, Yosi and Ester, who taught her two of the most important skills that make her the artist she is today, how to touch and how to believe. She is driven by the material and inspired by natural patterns. Hila seeks to find forms that maintain a dialogue between spirit and material. Her collections are contemporary yet timeless.

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Founded in 2014, Zapota Hair is a London based premium hair brand company built around the concept of redefining hair by turning it into a fashion accessory. They craft a collection of trendy and inventive styles with a focus on quality materials and clean designs.

Zapota Hair also heavily focus on sustainability by ensuring that their hair products are obtained from ethical and non-exploitative sources. Manikara zapota is a tropical fruit rich in vitamins, minerals and antitoxins found mainly in Amazonia zapota and is known for having numerous health benefits. For Zapota Hair the exotic zapota fruit is a symbol of strength, diversity, vitality and beauty.

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