I consider myself to be a visionary designer because I do experience a visual flash of designs. I immediately sketch my ideas with having the fabric content and colours in mind.

As a designer, I like to pair hard and soft fabrics together because opposites do attract and together it becomes one making a beautiful display in style. The next stage is working directly with the pattern maker to ensure that he understands my vision and that the craftsmanship is spot on.

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Daoyuan Ding’s collection was initiated by the study of the artist Alicja Kwade’s artworks and influencing surrealist artworks. Also based on the philosophy, Object Oriented Ontology, Ding started to see objects by different statuses.

For example, a wooden stool can be seen as a tree which would be the raw material of the stool in the future and the wooden pieces which was the work in progress when manufacturing the wooden stool.

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”OUT OF SENSES“ is a collection for Dazzle Zexian LIU to express the imperfect beauty of life. There are so many meaningless combinations in our daily life, there is no order, no theory between, but they are natural, they weren’t born that way, they also change naturally over time. And she thinks this is the beauty of life.

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Desree Akorahson conducted her primary research by visiting Kew Gardens and drawing and collection information about the rarity of the flowers. She wanted to create a hand rendered, botanical look about her prints, which is why she chose to draw her prints by hand using fine liners and using Photoshop to add in the colours. By using this technique, she was able to enhance the brightness in all of the colours chosen.

Desree was inspired by artists such as Bridget Riley and William Morris when it came to creating her prints. She combined these two styles and added in some influences from 60s fashion.

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Inspired by visual elements found in historical LGBTQ movements especially the gender symbols, Chen build the first limb of her work on a creative review of the proud history of queer right fights.A re-compositional approach was taken to turn the original symbols into 3-D objects that then formed a humourous reflection of beard and/or mustache.

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Attention at the core to these craft techniques gives a sense of childlike play through tactile experimentation and draws consumers into a rich and unique tangible experience with the brand.

The attention to craft processes is complemented throughout the collection by the use of modern digital techniques, including laser cutting and computer embroidery, allowing for more experimental and unique results.

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Originating after always finding myself in a void between fashion and art, I wanted to express myself through the creation of experimental pieces unhampered by categorization of either field. I achieved this by mixing artists materials such as the artists' stretcher, canvas and linen materials with creative pattern cutting and tailoring to producing wearable canvas frames which can equally be hung from the wall like a traditional artwork.

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