Veronica H. Lee’s collection, titled Dressing Body, Undressing Humanity is a deconstruction of human nature through the process of dress. The collection explores the capacity of depravity within human beings using the symbolic decaying nature of the body as a metaphor for the decline of human morality. From the over-consumption of resources, the abuse of others, the massive scale of destruction in warfare, and our individual offences against one another, we see human beings commit atrocious acts throughout history and invariably in our daily lives.

The body of work demonstrates these ideas through a dichotomy of “spirit and flesh”. Flesh referring to ephemeral pleasures or urges i.e. one’s own body, wealth, material possessions, food, etc., and spirit referring to the intangible pursuits of the soul: love, peace, joy—things one can’t find incorporeal objects. Through this duality, the thesis juxtaposes this dark side of our nature with our yearning for hope and lasting satisfaction.

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Vee Hayward’s AW19 collection ‘Untitled’ focuses on an exploration of form, shape and silhouette. Her initial starting point stemmed from the works of artists such as Agnes Jones, Rene Magritte, Georgio De Chirico and sculptor by Max bill. The Varying translations of surrealism and the fluidity of communication between textile and the human form, as well as juxtaposing sources of inspiration with design features present a reoccurring theme within the collection.

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The initial inspiration behind Valia’s vision was the irregular beauty of the hammock, its construction, behaviour to movement and function. The interaction of movement with light and the human body are translated into dimensional installation pieces with playful colours and intriguing handcrafted details.

After vast experimentation with different materials and techniques, the final compositions consist of hand-woven polyester yarns and other polyester materials which have been dyed with dye sublimation, while their core structure is the result of the wire that is woven together and incorporated as a backbone to the dimensional constructions.

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Viktoria Tisza’s collection, Splash, is a joyful collection combining the technology developed throughout the years of playing with silicone rubber and some vivid colours. The collection was showcased at New York Fashion Week at Pier59 Studios, at Bureau Seutail Showroom during London Fashion Week and at San Francisco Fashion Community Week in September, 2018.

The liquid nature of silicone rubber allows seamless pattern making as the pieces are all made through an accurate pouring and moulding process. The pieces are all handmade without including any machinery or advanced equipment. The designer is literally obsessed with the challenge of creating pieces with as less tools as possible, providing her with the freedom of creation anywhere.

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Vinny Lim’s collection is inspired by the idea of distorted fear and anxiety. Fear is an emotional response from our brain when a person is facing a certain situation. Since it is a response from the brain, what if the brain is sending a false signal which causes false and inaccurate responses - an emotional distortion. So is the fear you’re experiencing, a lie or the truth?

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To create her SS19 graduate collection, entitled “L’amor perduto”, Viola Menchini took inspiration from topics that affected her personal life when she moved to the city and started to be in the fashion field: loneliness and today’s idea of love and relationships.

Loneliness is a significant topic particularly among women due to the fast lifestyle and long working hours, women prioritise themselves and their careers instead of their personal lives and feelings, also neglecting the need of a partner / family.

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Vols & Original’s inspiration comes from the desire of two souls sharing their passion for fashion, art and music with the world. Vols & Original founders Bart and Natalia, combine their backgrounds in music and fashion marketing to create a strong and edgy brand. Bespoke tailoring along with the duo’s passion for music and craftsmanship, are the core identities of the brand.

At the core of Vols & Original, is an inseparable design process where creation and music blend to shape the mood and rhythm of every piece.

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