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Yihong’s collection transforms the spirit of innocent curiosity into wearable works of art. Inspired by childhood memories of stargazing, she has created a set of characters that are present throughout the collection, that enables her narrative to feel simultaneously personal and universal.

Each piece begins as her own intricately detailed illustration that is then brought to life. Her use of silver emphasises the precious nature of the memories being conveyed. Yihong echoes Stephen Hawking, reminding us to “look up at the stars and not down at your feet.”

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Nigerian designer, Yingi Goma’s graduate menswear collection draws inspirations from a street vendor in Nigeria. By viewing the African country with a third eye, she captures her Lagos car ride experience, the lifestyle and environment.

There is a mix of unusual garment fabrics such as tech net, plastic and hessian; shapes and oversized silhouettes. Draw cords passed through button holes, Detachable bags and draw string sack-like shapes that reference items street hawkers carry on their body. The use of embroidery and print for text reference is a key aspect that brings curiosity to the collection.

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Taking an abstract concept into design, Yu Ching’s work explores the different facets of love through colour and textile. Colour is used to map the differences in temperature felt by the nuances of love – red for heat and passion, white for simplicity and serenity, black for sadness and torture - whilst textiles are used to represent the physical environment of love.

Using a variation of knitting and weaving techniques, Yu Ching’s garments reveal layer upon layer of hidden detail. Each detail links to a specific aspect of love.

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Yue Cui is a jewellery designer & maker who completed her MA Degree in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins in 2018 after the BA Degree in Arts and Crafts at Tsinghua University in China.

Cui’s handmade jewellery collection Animated Companion takes visual inspiration from the active postures of animals. Due to the rapid urbanization in this era, she would like to make her jewellery pieces as a kind of companion especially for the individuals who have wonderful memories of or yearnings for nature and animals.

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Inspired by tailoring and corsetry history, Zexi Yu is quite literally a menswear fairy tale come true. She translated her otherworldly, risqué attitude into garments filled with intricate silhouettes, dutch satin and effeminate detailing.

Yu augmented her garments through elaborate lining and shoulder pad silhouettes. This allowed her to fashion ingenious designs that were further heightened through adept tailoring. The effeminate colours and idea of lingerie allowed her to reinvent menswear in a more open minded way.

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