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Sarah Garfield is a young, London based, Womenswear designer, who graduated in 2017 from Ravensbourne. Having grown up in London, Sarah was continually taking in the City’s rebellious, non-conformist, often outlandish sense of dress, particularly as a teenager, which is deeply entrenched into her design DNA. There is a clear sense of adolescent rebellion in her clothing, to be expressed at any age.

Sarah’s main aesthetic combines a subtle darkness with a sad, fragile beauty. She mixes delicate, nymph-like historical references, with modern references to strong, forceful female subcultures and confident female sexuality. The main focus is contrast, giving a bittersweet feel.

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Shamima’s collection ‘Conflicted Heritage’ focuses on the inner struggles that exist within all of us in various aspects of our lives, which shape us to be the individuals we are.

This particular project explores her own conflicting thoughts and emotions that arise out of a need to construct an identity that considers all of the flavours of her different cultures.

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Shannon Louise completed a BA fashion design at Leeds Arts University with the interests of design, garment manufacture and garment technology for womenswear. Shannon's passion for textiles and aim to push boundaries, ensured she created a meaningful collection that could potentially affect society. The personal topic, ensured her collection would be a passionate piece of art to make a global statement.

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Since acquiring an Associate Womenswear degree at Baewha college in South Korea, Sohyeon Park decided to explore textile at Greentextile Vendor. While working there, she could learn how to produce fabrics from factories and negotiate between manufactures and market. However The more she worked at the company, the more she felt sick about commercial business and fast fashion as the company mostly dealt with the industry. Therefore she made decision to move into UK as she always admired London fashion after obtaining Working holiday visa from UK.

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Sol Yi is a South-Korean designer based in Seoul, establishing his brand orisoup after graduating from the Korea National University of Arts in 2019. He loves to explore new manufacturing technologies and materials, seeking a way to hack things so they function differently. His work is characterized by discovering new uses of materials and creating new sensations through interesting combinations.

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Sophie Bailey is a modern, up and coming designer with a fresh approach to Menswear, featuring a strong aesthetic consisting of textiles and print application.

Her latest collection perfectly epitomised her aesthetic by looking to the everyday and hoarding to create an impactful, cohesive collection of pieces featuring vinyl graphics, new fabrication techniques and hardware detailing. With a tone on tone colour palette throughout the collection it created a sophisticated and matured aesthetic, developed throughout her MA course at Kingston University.

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A Menswear Design graduate from the London College of Fashion, Steve Jin decided to find inspiration for his first collection through introspection and opposition. As a minimalist with high standards of cleanliness, Steve wanted to incorporate these personal aspects.

At the same time, he wanted to create tension and found himself fascinated by the festivalgoers of Woodstock – their fluid motions and carefree nature. Marrying these two seemingly contradictory ideas together, he coloured his garments with hand embroidered flowers and softer lines on a delicate palette. The collection made use of fusing together and modernising traditional draping and tailoring techniques.

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Having been living in India for a long time as a student Tae always had to follow the strict rules of wearing uniform. He always wanted to break down the rules of how garments should be worn.

Hence this graduate collection is based on how clothes can be worn in different ways in our daily life. Inspired by Austrian sculptural artist Erwin Wurm. Tae’s collection investigates to ignore the original features of menswear garment and recreate original features of menswear garment.

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Influenced heavily by women in history and vintage sportswear, Tanja Novak designs sport luxe womenswear focused heavily on her research, fabric manipulation, silhouette and creating volume.

Tanja’s graduate collection was inspired by female combat sports athletes from the Victorian era; women who were paraded around as a form of entertainment or performed within a freak show and fought in corseted, heavy dresses.

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Birmingham City graduate, Thomas Cox travelled around New York and London in order to further develop his creative self. Whilst in New York, he visited an exhibition called The Out and Bad Series at The Museum of Art and Design where he saw a piece called Swag Swag Krew, which consisted of a group of very masculine mannequins in masculine poses, juxtaposed with flamboyantly feminine outfits.

Thomas then went on to consider why was it that homosexual men are not considered masculine, strong or intimidating in society like a gang would be.

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Trang Hoang graduated with a First Class Degree in Womenswear from the London College of Fashion in 2018. Born and raised in the city of Hanoi, Vietnam before moving to the UK in 2012, traces from the rich traditions and vibrant history of her hometown could be found throughout her collections.

Intrigued by the human conditions and the evocation of emotions through visuals and the obtrusion of space, Trang enjoys morphing and distorting shapes into organic forms that seek to stand alone as a harmonical piece.

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Valia Kapeletzi is a multidisciplinary artist who uses textiles as the means of communicating her take on everyday-life eccentricity. Movement, balance, abstraction and transparency form the common thread in all of her work. Whether it is a garment, an installation piece or a sculpture, the concepts of intricacy and attention to detail, as well as the experimental nature of materiality, are always present.

She tends to observe the delicacy of movement and the abstract allure of its repetitive motion in combination with light interaction.

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Vincent Lapp is a French born London based Womenswear designer who strives to promote a fashion that engages on political and social matters, in an urge to makes things move positively.

He completed his BA at Central Saint Martins in 2018, developing a collection looking to set as a statement against religious fanaticism, obscurantism and violence. Vincent’s original inspiration came from his sister’s decision to convert to Judaism, submitting to strict rules, combined with the tensed atmosphere around terrorism and religious outfits in France.

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Viola Menchini is an Italian womenswear fashion designer based in London. Viola graduated from Istituto Marangoni and her signature style focuses on bold colours, innovative prints and embellishments.

Her designs are characterised by exaggerated feminine silhouettes with playful details, creating avant-garde yet haute couture looks.

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As one of Northumbria’s twenty most innovative fashion students, Wen Yue Zhang’s debut collection was showcased at London Graduate Fashion Week 2016 where it was met with rave reviews.

Wen Yue's motif comes from an aspect of Peking Opera: the tradition of men performing female roles on stage, namely that of the coquettish female type, an aspect of traditional Peking opera that became Wen Yue's motif. Neutral overtures became the framework to her collection. Applied on top of this foundation are traditional Chinese elements such as the use of brocade fabric, cloaking styles, headdress details and pattern specifications to be inlaid with modern techniques and fabrics.

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Winnie Yeung is a Knitted Textiles designer based in London and graduated from RCA MA textile design. Winnie Yeung is known for her innovative and intuitive combination of material, texture, and colour. She is passionate about knitting, working with both hand and machine processes. Her inspiration comes from her appreciation of everyday life, everything she sees, touches and does.

Winnie creates free-form garment pieces and her final collection is based on the concept of ‘Growing.’

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A recent graduate from the University for the Creative Arts, Xiao Qian graduated with a BA in Fashion Design.

She became fascinated with the different types of machinery that was involved in the production of knitwear. The movements of the machines intricacies and the synthesis of two discrepant materials, cold hard metal against soft malleable fibres became the inspiration to her collection. By using different materials and opposing forms in the construction of her garments, Xiao Qian was able to capture these complex discrepancies.

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Xiao Zhu Chen’s first collection took inspiration from Pollock’s Toy Museum, a quaint yet historical venue showcasing traditional and contemporary toys. Transforming nostalgia into her designs, garments were covered in childlike scribbles and one-off prints that mimicked a child playing in the midst of their many toys.

Using specialised cutting and draping techniques, each outfit paid homage to Xiao Zhu’s fond childhood memories. Bold and vivid colours accompanied a mélange of textures and LEGO building blocks made their debut in the form of accessories.

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Inspired by the visual aspect of physical changes that occur with time, Yana’s collection focus on wrinkles and the body’s shape. Her work is based on her personal feelings provoked by the ageing process of her own skin and the anticipation of its future changes.

According to Yana’s research there are two main opinions formed by social norms as well as personal feelings. One of them is positive: age is viewed as something to be proud of, as a testimony of valuable experiences and the visible part of our personality.

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Yana Myronova has recently graduated in Fashion Design at IED Barcelona in 2018. Elen 13.10 Shift collection it is a representation of her personal history. She wanted to create future at the same time respecting her past, saving some classical silhouettes adding sculptural moulage. She wanted to create new freedom with shapes using moulage.

Yana is passionate about developing textiles, may it be with embellishments, technologies, embroilments, patterns or fabrics. For this graduate collection, Yana has made hand embroidery of beads, laser cut, create double-faced fabrics.

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Ye-byeol Sim is a Jewellery designer based in London and Seoul who completed MA Degree in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins in 2018 with a background in metal craft.

‘What or Who’ collection is designed to provoke personal narratives through jewellery. Inspired by pareidolia phenomenon, which is ‘unconsciously to create something meaningful, especially faces, in meaningless shapes’, the collection playing with abstract forms can offer recognisable faces to be worn as earrings, brooches or necklaces.

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Yehau Fan has a comparatively international and diversified background for his university study. Before he completed MA Fashion at Kingston University, he first studied Environmental Art Design for his BA at Gaungxi Arts University, and Light Industry at the Zengzhou University.

During his studies and after graduation, he harvested a vast spectrum of work experience from participating in various industries, ranging from building and landscaping industry, to fashion design.

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Yihong’s collection transforms the spirit of innocent curiosity into wearable works of art. Inspired by childhood memories of stargazing, she has created a set of characters that are present throughout the collection, that enables her narrative to feel simultaneously personal and universal.

Each piece begins as her own intricately detailed illustration that is then brought to life. Her use of silver emphasises the precious nature of the memories being conveyed. Yihong echoes Stephen Hawking, reminding us to “look up at the stars and not down at your feet.”

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Nigerian designer, Yingi Goma’s graduate menswear collection draws inspirations from a street vendor in Nigeria. By viewing the African country with a third eye, she captures her Lagos car ride experience, the lifestyle and environment.

There is a mix of unusual garment fabrics such as tech net, plastic and hessian; shapes and oversized silhouettes. Draw cords passed through button holes, Detachable bags and draw string sack-like shapes that reference items street hawkers carry on their body. The use of embroidery and print for text reference is a key aspect that brings curiosity to the collection.

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Taking an abstract concept into design, Yu Ching’s work explores the different facets of love through colour and textile. Colour is used to map the differences in temperature felt by the nuances of love – red for heat and passion, white for simplicity and serenity, black for sadness and torture - whilst textiles are used to represent the physical environment of love.

Using a variation of knitting and weaving techniques, Yu Ching’s garments reveal layer upon layer of hidden detail. Each detail links to a specific aspect of love.

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Yue Cui is a jewellery designer & maker who completed her MA Degree in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins in 2018 after the BA Degree in Arts and Crafts at Tsinghua University in China.

Cui’s handmade jewellery collection Animated Companion takes visual inspiration from the active postures of animals. Due to the rapid urbanization in this era, she would like to make her jewellery pieces as a kind of companion especially for the individuals who have wonderful memories of or yearnings for nature and animals.

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Inspired by tailoring and corsetry history, Zexi Yu is quite literally a menswear fairy tale come true. She translated her otherworldly, risqué attitude into garments filled with intricate silhouettes, dutch satin and effeminate detailing.

Yu augmented her garments through elaborate lining and shoulder pad silhouettes. This allowed her to fashion ingenious designs that were further heightened through adept tailoring. The effeminate colours and idea of lingerie allowed her to reinvent menswear in a more open minded way.

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Ziyu Yi is a menswear designer who graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2018. He enjoys studying the history of European men's fashion. His collection is inspired by specific silhouettes of menswear that were popular in different periods of time. His designs focus on the development and changes within pattern cutting, as a skill.

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Zhaoshen Wang is a jewellery, product and 3D designer from Beijing. Wang recently graduated from Central Saint Martins with an MA specialising in jewellery.

Wang’s MA project started with the observation and research into the frequent social events around identity that are a characteristic of contemporary European cultures. Events like gay prides, festivals, marches and gatherings.

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Zlata came to the UK in 2014 with no experience in the fashion industry. The past few years have been tough and with little funding she worked all the way through the fashion design course to support herself financially. As a result Zlata successfully graduated from Leeds Arts University and showcased her graduate collection during London Graduate Fashion Week 2018 where she was shortlisted as a finalist for a Considered Design Award.

‘ALL OR NOTHING’ collection is a result of Zlata’s experience in the UK where she had to either make it or go back home. This message is communicated through the use of her native language: Russian. Words ‘All or Nothing’ are hand-bleached directly onto the garments.

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