Central Saint Martins graduate Anson Lau’s first collection centers on textile and fabric design. For her collection, she took inspiration from three famous artist across a series of works - Marina Abramović, Eliza Bennett and Justin Bartels. The works from these artists revolve around physical sensations through the use and the infliction of textiles and objects.

From these three key pieces of work, Anson’s collection centers on the superficial perception of an object. Her collection encourages the wearer to engage in a dialogue with the garments to sense the disparity between what we see and what actually is.

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Amber May is a Textile designer based in London, specialising in fashion accessories. With a background in Fine art, Fashion and Textiles, the collections use experimental mixed media.

Currently, her collection explores ancient hand techniques that glorify the skill of craftmanship. Inspired by the beauty of boldily kinesthetic intelligence, particularly within hand crafted Thai architecture, the collection reflects this through modern colours, materials and fabric construction.

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Christina’s research topic HAUFEN is concerned with sexual dependency and interdependency between individuals. Many people in big cities like London have the desire to be independent, but at the same time a craving for the intensity that comes from interdependency. (Nan Goldin)

In order to get inspiration she collaborated with Jelly Luise, to make a mood film that would support her final collection in terms of colours, shapes and structure. Their common research expanded, considering movement and time as well as bodies in relation to each other.

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Constantly inspired by colour, Constanca Entrudo aimed to generate fabrics that would challenge the usual processes of print making through the use of techniques like dyeing, heat pressing and embossing. Her graduate collection is influenced by the idea of performance, circus and transgression.

After spending some time in factories in the North of Portugal, Constanca learnt about the processes of textile and garment making. Due to this, her work is born from the entirely unconventional method of visiting factories and researching into production processes.

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Megan Rose is a Textile Designer located in London, specialising in Fashion Textiles Print. With a background in Photography, Fine Art and Fashion Textiles her collections are abstract and innovative.

Throughout her time studying BA Fashion Textiles Print, at London College of Fashion she focused on skills and techniques, enabling her work to be at a luxury level. Megan Rose pushes for new and advanced ideas through development and persistence.

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London College of Fashion Graduate, Miette Farrer, is a fashion textiles designer exploring the possibilities of material surface and sculptural textiles through process driven design. Textiles are created with an attention to beauty, precision and the handmade - exploring craft techniques and modern technologies in combination to create innovative textile surfaces.

An underlying focus of sustainable practice encourages the upcycling of materials, hand dying and painting of fabrics, and other slow processes. Her Australian background has instilled a passion for nature and the Australian landscape, playing a vital role in inspiring her designs.

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Nadia Wire Albrechtsen is a Danish designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2017, where she studied textile design. She specialised in knitwear and has gained great experience working for high-end brands such as: Pringle Of Scotland, Peter Pilotto, Stine Goya and Iris Van Herpen. She was also a finalist at the FAD x Missoni competition in 2017, where she was picked by Angela Missoni to show two looks during LFW.

With a passion for colour Nadia Wire Albrechtsen developed her final collection focusing on colour theory. The central aim of the collection ‘Color Intelligence’ is to highlight the importance of colour:

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Inspired by her creative grandmother, Olivia was intrigued by all things textiles whilst growing up, leading her to pursue a Textile Design degree at Nottingham Trent University, where she developed a passion for using photography and digital imagery to inform her design decisions.

Olivia’s graduate textile collection ‘Changing States’ was sparked by the idea of metamorphosis and how we are always adapting to change within our surrounding environment. Taking a scientific approach, her abstract photography is a key aspect of the collection, capturing the uncontrollable reactions triggered during physical and chemical changes.

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Paloma Alarcon is a mixed media textiles designer specialising in hand embroidery, embellishments and laser cutting. Paloma focuses on pushing the boundaries of innovative design using modern and traditional techniques for Fashion statement pieces and accessories.

Combining a range of materials from acrylics, plastics and wood to conventional woolly threads is what sparks Paloma's contemporary designs. With Peruvian origins the idea of bringing Peru's cultural aesthetic and colour is always vivid in her collections.

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Inspired by the arts, history, materials and my surroundings, Poppy is particularly intrigued by the heritage of textiles and how to translate this in modern culture. In her work she explores the relationship between textiles, witchcraft and the idea of weaving as a form of code or language, using both jacquard & dobby looms.

Drawing on her initial theme of magic, she expanded to a more abstract approach as her work progressed. Focusing on elements such as transformation, distortion of reality and secret knowledge allowed her to express her research in a more individual way.

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Valia Kapeletzi is a multidisciplinary artist who uses textiles as the means of communicating her take on everyday-life eccentricity. Movement, balance, abstraction and transparency form the common thread in all of her work. Whether it is a garment, an installation piece or a sculpture, the concepts of intricacy and attention to detail, as well as the experimental nature of materiality, are always present.

She tends to observe the delicacy of movement and the abstract allure of its repetitive motion in combination with light interaction.

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Winnie Yeung is a Knitted Textiles designer based in London and graduated from RCA MA textile design. Winnie Yeung is known for her innovative and intuitive combination of material, texture, and colour. She is passionate about knitting, working with both hand and machine processes. Her inspiration comes from her appreciation of everyday life, everything she sees, touches and does.

Winnie creates free-form garment pieces and her final collection is based on the concept of ‘Growing.’

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