Alexandra Afanasyeva’s poetic approach to jewellery and passion for experimentation comes from a mixed cultural and educational background; she speaks five languages and having traveled the world she constantly derives inspiration from a huge amount of sources. Her experience in fine jewellery also allows her to create fashion accessories with a pure luxury finish.

She created her jewellery brand, Sasha Jewellery, in order to be fully dedicated to the world of male accessories.

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Beichen Guan is a Chinese Jewellery designer who graduated from Central Saints Martin BA Jewellery Design with an interest in architectural design and installation art.

Guan shaped her personal experience of teeth whitening into wearable pieces made from moulds of dental paraphernalia. The collection echoes the subversive beauty of 'black teeth' in some Asian cultures while questioning society's obsession with flawless beauty. Black is a sign of decay, but it also represents the charcoal used in the process of whitening.

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Kiang Edwin Idris Charmain, also known as Edwin Charmain is a creative designer with a focus on graphic, textile and jewellery design.

Coming from a textile-producing family in “the city of batik” Pekalongan, Indonesia, the Central Saint Martins MA Design Jewellery graduate focus on creating ethical-sustainable filigree jewellery pieces that are inspired by his hometown's batik culture and tradition.

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Elena Kurginyan graduated from Central Saint Martin with a BA in Jewellery Design in 2016. Having been inspired by people and memories from a variety of locations, Elena has tried to replicate the physical gesture and spiritual connection between people into her jewellery design.

Elena recognises the importance of the body language, as she spent time examining how it forms an important part of our verbal communication.

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Emily He’s first collection was inspired by the cultural differences between the East and the West. As a local of both regions, Emily was able to witness the stark variations first-hand. She noticed habitual and behavioural differences that stemmed from the difference in thought patterns.

Emily focused her collection on three main discourses: noise levels, self-expression and lifestyle. Taking a bold conceptual approach, Emily used different metaphoric adaptions and different materials to separate the two cultures.

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Lisa Hanna Osimo is an Italian Jewellery Designer who completed her MA Degree in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins in 2018 after 3 years of BA at Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan.

Lisa Hanna Osimo creates unique and ironic wearables. She creates pieces of jewellery from combinations of luxury materials, exploiting the trust of Handmade in Italy and the appearance of wearable art pieces.

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Maria Ivanescu Cotuna's collection explores the ambiguous symbolism of power-play. The pieces provoke a discussion through their ambivalent nature due to their stereotypical cultural meanings and the fact that they were created using contrasting materials and colours.

Maria’s jewellery pieces aim to neutralise or control desire. The duality of the collection that she has made comes from unexpected and conflicting associations.

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Meiqi Luo explores movement when creating her geometric jewellery. This form of transit and the structure of the jewellery are explored deeper in other details such as colour and texture.

Wearability is important to Meiqi’s contemporary jewellery, especially as there is an interactive element, which responds to the wearer’s own movement with immediacy. Strong characteristics and skilful techniques come together to create a playful, imaginative feel to each piece.

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Meng Zhang is a Jewellery designer from Shanghai who completed her MA Degree in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins in 2017.

Zhang's MA collection explores how jewellery transfers the intangible self-identity of the wearer into tangible forms for this increasingly standardised world. Inspired by the lexicon of curves and lines within Chinese calligraphy an essence is captured and translated into vibrant jewellery. These extravagant jewellery forms enhance the body, creating subtle personal identities in artefacts worn over clothing.

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London based contemporary jewellery artist Michelle Lung is passionate about developing materials and new techniques. She tries to stay current and create in response to the state of society and culture around her in real time.

During her time on the BA Jewellery Design Course at Central Saint Martins, she was working towards work that gave a glimpse at a possible new age of jewellery (from her perspective). Where traditional ideas of preciousness and grandeur in the sense of materiality held within typical jewellery materials gemstones, precious materials are not necessarily vital.

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The Uniki collection, sparked by the discovery that China produced around 17 billion tonnes of mismanaged plastic in 2010, estimated to reach about 37 billion tonnes in 2025 focused on collecting abandoned objects. Qi combined them into one visual language, developing new worlds for the irrelevant objects as elements for fashion jewellery.

Bold colours and patterns adopted from 1970s furniture and interior design help target urban consumers with strong visual fashion appetites.

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Sara Chyan's works take a minimalistic approach with conceptual support. Sara tries to draw on a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way, likes to involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes physical and believes in the idea of function following form in a work. Her works respond directly to the human body and surrounding environment, and uses everyday experience from the artist as a starting point.

Sara believes that jewellery is an object that carries more than just an intrinsic significance, for it is not merely an ornament but also a medium for expressing one’s individuality, which is what drives her to creating her awe-inspiring, picturesque jewellery pieces.

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Xiaoqing Liu started her studies in China and continued in London at Central Saint Martins, where she completed an MA in Jewellery Design in 2017. Liu explores materiality in her work. He graduate collection ‘Contrast & Fusion’ shows the application of the traditional Chinese material, white jade in jewellery and white agate to traverse texture, transparency and the varying qualities between solids and liquids.

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Inspired by the visual aspect of physical changes that occur with time, Yana’s collection focus on wrinkles and the body’s shape. Her work is based on her personal feelings provoked by the ageing process of her own skin and the anticipation of its future changes.

According to Yana’s research there are two main opinions formed by social norms as well as personal feelings. One of them is positive: age is viewed as something to be proud of, as a testimony of valuable experiences and the visible part of our personality.

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