A. Cloud is one of the emerging designers who happened to gain experience and product knowledge from a French-based overseas Chinese designer. She learned a lot about the leather products as well as she managed a deep understanding of the details and professionalism of handbag-making.

She also joined both the New York Fashion Week and the Paris Fashion Week showrooms what gave her designs more recognition and established international relationships within the industry.

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Aaron Challis is a womenswear designer based in the South East of England, having studied at UCA Epsom (BA) and Kingston School of Art (MA).

Challis’ work is predominately inspired by the human condition, citing both historical and fictional women as his muse and starting point for new projects, previous examples ranging from Queen Elizabeth 2nd to Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman.

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Abigail Grewal is a fashion designer specialising in womenswear and print design. She graduated from London College of Fashion in 2015 with a surface textile degree, and then in 2019, she graduated from Istituto Marangoni in London with a womenswear degree.

She has just launched her six look capsule graduate collection on fashion-crossover. Refracted spring summer 2020 is a collection inspired by Abigail’s childhood love for creating light movement using sparklers.

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Abigail Skrentny designs sports luxe womenswear focusing on the mood of her research. Ordinary stories of childhood and growing up, that are often overlooked, have continually inspired her. She views them through a dreamy and nostalgic lens showing rich emotions.

Abigail studied for her BA (Hons) in Fashion Design at Winchester School of Art leaving with a First-Class degree and receiving the Nancy Balfour Award for excellence. Her particular strengths are in research and meticulous cut and construction.

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A by Anubha was founded in 2012 by fashion designer Anubha Srivastav. After graduating from the Symbiosis Institute of Design in Pune, India, Anubha began her eclectic fashion journey at Donna Karan International, in New York, where she interned under the collection line. She also worked as an assistant fashion designer with prominent New Delhi-based designer Ritu Beri.

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Adela Babinská is a womenswear designer with a passion for experimental pattern cutting based in Slovakia and London.

She studied Fashion design in Slovakia before she transferred to the UK to do her BA degree in Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University. Adela has always been using fashion as a medium that enables her to explore, develop and push the boundaries.

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Adena Moulding is a British designer who has always loved Fashion and Textiles. She previously studied BA Hons Fashion Textiles at Middlesex University in London. This is where she specialised Woven Printed Textiles, which involves using a Dobby and Jaquard Machine, developing and designing Woven Fabrics she created lengths of fabric in order to incorporate into her Collection.

Her goal is to create and design beautiful fabrics that are both unique and elegant, and incorporating such fabrics into fashion garments. She loves the use of bold bright colours in order to stand out and be bold in the fashion world.

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ADIAMELIAS is a Womenswear label that explores and experiments with creative techniques and methods of pattern-cutting.

"Bodies are sites of representation, are not only physical but communicative" (Atkinson, 1971)

The SS/19 collection is inspired by body modification, body modification transcends any cultural boundaries. During the process of design development Adiam looked at both the primitive and modern primitive practises in a contemporary society where consumer culture uses the body as a representation as well as a display of a source of identity.

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Africa is a womenswear fashion designer born and raised in Spain, graduated from the University for the Creative Arts, Epsom. She is interested in looking into memories and preserving traditional crafts and colourful customs as part of cultural heritage, as well as moving them forward into the modern world.

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Alarna Barry is a British fashion designer specialising in menswear, due to graduate from Leeds Arts University in 2020. After focusing on womenswear for the first year of her studies Alarna found a passion for menswear during her second year at Leeds Arts University.

She always viewed menswear with curiosity before taking the risk to explore the path. It didn’t take her long to find and develop her own unique style. Inspiration is often taken from historical references and sports uniform.

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New York based designer, Aldrian Diaz, has a lust for colour, exaggeration and his work never fails to put a smile on your face.

Aldrian pursued his BFA in Fashion Design at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. His senior thesis collection ‘Like Totally’ referred back to his millennial childhood, filled with playful memories including cartoons, toys and pop culture.

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Alejandra Herrera is a London-based Fashion BA (Hons) graduate from Edinburgh College of Art. Her design aesthetic draws upon both her Colombian heritage and the influences from living in the UK. Her graduate collection investigates the corruption of innocence. Alejandra’s inspiration for a collection that juxtaposes itself is a direct connection to her mixed cultural identity. Growing up in the UK she recieved exposure to formal and traditional tailoring and learnt about historical fashion. This significantly contrasted the fashion of Colombia where the culture is expressed through the colour and movement of the garments, thus influencing Herrera’s silhouette designs. 

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Alexandra Afanasyeva’s poetic approach to jewellery and passion for experimentation comes from a mixed cultural and educational background; she speaks five languages and having traveled the world she constantly derives inspiration from a huge amount of sources. Her experience in fine jewellery also allows her to create fashion accessories with a pure luxury finish.

She created her jewellery brand, Sasha Jewellery, in order to be fully dedicated to the world of male accessories.

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Alexandra Hodgson is a Womenswear designer, creating a more alternative style. Hodgson studies at The University for Creative Arts and graduates with her collection, ‘1949-84’ this year. She has a wide variety of interests, such as an alternative taste in sub-culture, enjoying both the music and the fashion as such characters of Marilyn Manson, fine art and literature.

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Alexandra is a London based textile designer who graduated from London College of Fashion, specialising in Knitwear. She was first introduced to the knitting machine at the age of seven, as a willing student to her great-grandmother who was keen to pass on her skills and love of the craft.

Alexandra now looks to reinterpret domestic machine knitting, creating designs which have the power to shock the contemporary market and distance traditional gender stereotypes. She revives traditional knit techniques such as fairisle, weaving, e-wrapping and felting through the use of nonconformist yarns such as paper yarn, or elastic.

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Influenced by her background in fine arts, Alexandra’s passion for design and garment making merges with her appreciation of art and experimentation of innovative techniques in her womenswear collections. Her need for creating beautiful garments impacts her aesthetic, a mix of feminine and masculine shapes combined with print or embellishment give her designs a strong vision with a hint of fantasy.

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Alexandra Datcu is a fashion design student based in London and studies at the University for the Creative Arts. Her final major project stems from her interest in brutalist architecture, specifically the ones derived from the modernist Bauhaus style.

The clean and simple details became interesting style lines and cut outs throughout the 60’s inspired garments, creating modern and innovative silhouettes. To highlight and bring awareness to the ongoing environmental and climate crisis Alexandra created a detailed graphic print showcasing different species which have become endangered or are losing their habitats due to human destruction.

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Alexandra, born in Kazakhstan graduated from the Fashion Design course in Istituto Marangoni in 2019. Surrounded by the Post-Soviet atmosphere during her childhood, typical Soviet streets full of vandalism but also art and fun have influenced Alexandra's collection. She has developed a unique style that recognises beauty in the small details of life.

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Alexandra Larrabure is a Peruvian knitwear designer who recently graduated from the BA in Textile Design with knit specialisation at Central Saint Martins. Her work reflects on the construction of subjectivity at a personal level, but also at a more collective and cultural one. The fragile and delicate aesthetics of her designs, and the intricate patterns making up her textiles nod towards the aesthetics of pre-Columbian textiles and ancient Peruvian weaving techniques, which have always been a source of inspiration for her, while also referencing the vibrant materialities of her experience of growing up in Lima.

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Alex Shen graduated in Womenswear at Bunka Fashion College in 2013 in Tokyo. She served as president of the Foreign Student Association, and received a scholarship of excellent performance. She has a solid foundation in fine art, and has been appraised for her art heel sketches by Jimmy Choo. During her time in Tokyo, she also studied at an avant-garde school, Coconogacco famous for art and creative performance training for which she was highly appraised.

After Interning at HANAI INC. and HIROKO KOSHINO INTERNATIONAL INC., Alex Shen founded Alex Design Studio in Tokyo Shibuya, and started a series of art and design practices.

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Ali Akbari (-93, Ghazni, Afghanistan) uses fashion design as a tool to challenge social oppression. He is driven by a curiosity of social codes around clothing, and how they affect our view upon gender roles and power. His bachelor project examines an afghan custom of dressing girls as boys – ”bacha posh” - through tailored suits, embroidery and beading.

Aiming to create clothes that carries a message and speaks a language of their own, he perceives design as a craft built upon knowledge of materials and an ability to see the possibilities that lies within them.

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Alice Callum draws from the elements of performance art, theatrical presences and art within everyday life to form a collection, which promotes the individual, the unique and the weird. The essence of performance is seen in our daily lives, whether we perform through our clothes and appearance or hobbies and interests, each person stands within a performance of their own.

The collection focuses on developing individuality and performance through textile embellishment and detail. Focus on appliqué and beading combined with contrasting fabrics and bold colours addresses the outlandish themes and core of performance with the body as the medium.

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Alice Ellard’s collection ‘FETCH’ is a reflection of her passion and personality. The beautifully co/ordinated collection for children and dogs is inspired by Alice’s love of animals and all things fun and visits to inflatable fun parks. A key focus of the collection is outerwear for fun days out splashing in the rain. The collection is bright, simple, functional and well-made and above all fun.

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Disturbed twists, contorted shapes and hung elements perfectly describe Alice Henrey’s maximalist sports luxe graduate collection.

Inspired by historical sportswear silhouettes from her dad’s personal Olympic magazine collection, Alice established large billowing shapes in contrast to tight restrictive bodies, which became the foundation silhouette throughout her collection.

Due to her hyper feminine and flamboyant style, Alice has worked alongside the likes of Marc Jacobs in New York and her designs have also been worn by singer, Jorja Smith in Paper Magazine.

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Alice Pons has recently graduated in Fashion Design Womenswear at London College of Fashion.

Alongside her degree she has completed two internships at Céline for a total of six months. In her final year Alice was selected for the LCF 2018 Press Show, a prestigious event with significant press coverage. Alice’s graduate collection was featured on Elléments magazine, Evening Standard, Beauty Papers and on I-D Magazine online.

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Alice Riley is a fashion knitwear and knitted textile designer, graduating in June 2020 from Nottingham Trent University. Alice is a confident, evolving designer who comes from a textiles background.

Since discovering her love for texture, her passion and flare for creative fabrics is continuously advancing. She started her journey by creating tactile surfaces through multimedia and loving fabric construction, pursued a degree in Fashion Knitwear and Knitted Textiles.

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Alice Wylie’s Collection “Knotted” is a reflection of her interest of working hands on and creating 3D artistic sculptural accessories and garments.

She has been transparent and honest with her collection so that it helps to educate people’s behaviours towards ethical fashion.

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With a Passion for romance and elegance, Alice Oliver is a Womenswear and Knitwear designer based in London.

During the time she was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design at Kingston school of art, Alice had always been fascinated by vintage and archival clothing, especially from the 1930s ,and how it can be translated into modern fashion.

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SAloïse Mahé-Stephenson is a fashion Design womenswear designer, with a bicultural French and English background. Having grown up in Paris, this enabled her to find key interests in art and literature (psychology and philosophy in particular). After a year of Art foundation at the Atelier de Sèvres, she graduated from the London College of Fashion, in BA Fashion Design Womenswear in 2019.

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Alvin Lam studied Fashion and Textiles in Hong Kong before moving to the UK to do his masters. London culture heavily inspires Lam, particularly those based around gender. His designs are filling the gap between targeted gender-specific and androgynous apparel. Alvin is redefining industry standards on gender fluidity through his convertible and neutral designs that imply clothing is not personalised to gender. Using playful minimalism and reflecting on issues surrounding subjective character, acceptance and unity his collection is about personality rather than masculinity or femininity.

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Alysha Lily is a third-year student at Solent university completing her graduate collection Heir to the Throne. Knowing she always wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry, Lily studied textiles at Exeter college alongside graphics and journalism which gave her strong Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign skills. These skills were used every day throughout university alongside sewing and pattern cutting

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Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, she discovered her new identity through embracing the name ‘Amber’ in the UK at an early age. She studied BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear at London College of Fashion while building experience across various sectors in fashion and worked at renowned fashion brands including Tom Ford and Chalayan.

Her graduate collection, named ‘Repurpose’ is a fashion design project with a reimagined mode of avant-garde, sustainable aesthetic that aims to extend the life of textile products using modern craftsmanship and technology.

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Ambra Castello safeguards the CRAFTS and proposes INNOVATIVE products, born of continuous research and experimentation. It offers a wide range of products, always in continuous EVOLUTION, all handmade. The manual processing gives the creations those peculiar characteristics of non-uniformity and particularity, so each creation is unique.

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Amy Barrie is a Melbourne-born London-based designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins. Barrie’s creative vision celebrates the art of storytelling and the power of narrative. Storytelling predates the written word and every culture around the world uses narrative to bring understanding, meaning and beauty to the human experience. As we venture through life, we are shaped by the inspiring stories of those who have gone before us and those who journey with us.

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Amy McCann is a womenswear designer, specialising in Fashion Knitwear with a strong textiles background from past studies that has been successfully incorporated into her first collection. She expresses her knowledge behind the manipulation of fabrics and the keen eye she holds for 3Dimensional design. Amy’s collection boasts a range of fun candy floss pink to deep cherry red tones used in a highly sophisticated way, and finally complimented by the contrasting of shiny rose gold detailing- the fastenings and finishes embellish the surfaces and ends of her high end womenswear range.

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Amy Thomson’s graduate collection focuses on fashion as a canvas for art, using hand rendered illustrations and surface prints to tell a narrative. Drawing on the details is the ethos to her graduate collection; blurring the lines between fashion design and illustration with contemporary awareness and innovation.

Her collection focuses on hand illustrative details throughout allowing her to design garments that relate to a particular character in a 3D way. By creating a narrative, Amy builds relationships with different audiences, addressing issues and values allowing the wearer to express issues they connect to through clothing.

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Amber May is a Textile designer based in London, specialising in fashion accessories. With a background in Fine art, Fashion and Textiles, the collections use experimental mixed media.

Currently, her collection explores ancient hand techniques that glorify the skill of craftmanship. Inspired by the beauty of boldily kinesthetic intelligence, particularly within hand crafted Thai architecture, the collection reflects this through modern colours, materials and fabric construction.

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Andrey Yarden is jewellery designer who emerged with his eponymous brand as a fresh, fashionable tour de force in “contemporary antiques”.

He is passionate about style and photography, collaborates on numerous editorials, fashion and art projects, including S.M.A.R.T. Chase, 2017 Hollywood motion picture, starring Orlando Bloom, featuring several pieces of different collections.

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Anh Nguyen, a London-based fashion designer, graduated from the University of East London in 2019. His focus is menswear but always has an interest in womenswear and accessories.

Born and raised in Vietnam, Anh always mixes his Asian cultural background with his inspiration from the West where he had his studies in his designs. With an interest in lifestyle and cultures that surround him, Anh likes to bring out the contrasts of the same stories to the corporate that in his work.

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With a passion for storytelling and an interest in creating positive and meaningful garments, Anna Lowe is a Womenswear designer based in Eastbourne and London.

During her time studying her BA in Fashion Design and Construction in University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lowe had always been focused on how clothing can be used to empower and unite women.

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Anna Schuster is a sustainable fashion designer & futurist. A german-born fashion designer searching for alternative ways to improve the design process. Her mission is to discover what surrounds her to develop interdisciplinary collaborations with the aim to reuse resources, discover textile techniques and innovative materials.

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Anne Marie K is an Egyptian designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2017. Her work explores the philanthropic approach of the position of Egyptian women. By fusing empowered feminine tailoring and elegance with once dying Egyptian traditional arts and crafts Anne Marie K is reinventing women empowerment and allowing them to feel treasured in what they wear.

Each piece in her graduate collection tells a story. The colours used in the garments are derived from the scenery in Egypt and the materials used encompass traditional Egyptian dying arts.

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After having studied Womenswear in Korea, she took hold of the opportunity to further her creative exploration by placing herself in the heart of London, one of the industry’s key players. Expanding her breadth, Annie took it upon herself to study fashion media, illustration and design before moving into Menswear at the London College of Fashion. She has since gone on to work for ADYN and Nicomede Talavera and continues to thread her conceptual approach to design through her newer collections.

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Central Saint Martins graduate Anson Lau’s first collection centers on textile and fabric design. For her collection, she took inspiration from three famous artist across a series of works - Marina Abramović, Eliza Bennett and Justin Bartels. The works from these artists revolve around physical sensations through the use and the infliction of textiles and objects.

From these three key pieces of work, Anson’s collection centers on the superficial perception of an object. Her collection encourages the wearer to engage in a dialogue with the garments to sense the disparity between what we see and what actually is.

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Aoibhe Maguire has a passion for storytelling and listening to other people's stories.

Aoibhe Maguire during the time when she was pursuing her MA in Fashion Design Technology in London College of Fashion had always been focused on how relationships between individuals progress as well as how places and objects are structured.

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With a heavy emphasis on sustainability and hand-printing her own fabrics, fashion and textile designer Ashley Raynor established her label in London after graduating from the Colchester School of Art.

Ashley has established an eco-conscious London based brand dedicated to sustainable and ethical fashion for a lower impact on the environment. Through the use of innovative materials, the luxury fashion label strives to tackle the issue of waste in the fashion industry and lower the post-consumption impact of products.

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Being among the top 40 Best Graduates and Top 10 Menswear Collections 2019 designers, Assem Issingarina has recently graduated from Istituto Marangoni in Milan, the well-known school of fashion and design.

The basis of her recent menswear collection was the story of her upbringing times and the atmosphere in which she was surrounded by while she was 10 years old. This particular collection brings out the aesthetics that Assem was surrounded by in a Post-Soviet country giving the accent to the clothes worn by her parents and brothers.

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Jen Neame-Collins is an independent British jewellery designer based in France. She is the founder of Atelier Jen, a statement jewellery brand known for its intricate details, bold patterns and a special technique of papier-mâché resulting in an impeccable unique aesthetic.

Jen began using her techniques to create jewellery inspired by many things, from Renaissance art to Dolly Parton, classical to kitsch, each collection evolves naturally from the last, with new colours, shapes and patterns fitting seamlessly into the aesthetic.

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Specialised in sustainability and circular design, French fashion designer Aurélie Fontan established her label in London after graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art.

With a Fine Art background, Aurélie pushes technological innovation and scientific discoveries to the forefront of her design process, combining avant-garde aesthetics and sustainable manufacturing methods.

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Empowering the female form through design is the passion of Ayida Solé, a Haitian-American womenswear designer based in Paris.

During her time at Parsons School of Design, both New York and Paris, she spent her time understanding the curves and shapes of the female form and diving in colour theory.

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Ayşe Daga is a jewellery designer from Istanbul Turkey who graduated from Central Saint Martins BA Jewellery Design in 2019.

With her passion of carving stones and collecting materials, Ayşe’s collection is inspired by objects seen on Sigmund Freud’s desk at the Freud Museum in Hampstead, and by pareidolia, the subconscious tendency to see familiar patterns- particularly faces- in unfamiliar objects. In her jewellery, items such as sea glass, agate and orthoceras fossil are mixed with amulets and parts of an antique clock.

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