Abigail Skrentny designs sports luxe womenswear focusing on the mood of her research. Ordinary stories of childhood and growing up, that are often overlooked, have continually inspired her. She views them through a dreamy and nostalgic lens showing rich emotions.

Abigail studied for her BA (Hons) in Fashion Design at Winchester School of Art leaving with a First-Class degree and receiving the Nancy Balfour Award for excellence. Her particular strengths are in research and meticulous cut and construction.

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ADIAMELIAS is a Womenswear label that explores and experiments with creative techniques and methods of pattern-cutting.

"Bodies are sites of representation, are not only physical but communicative" (Atkinson, 1971)

The SS/19 collection is inspired by body modification, body modification transcends any cultural boundaries. During the process of design development Adiam looked at both the primitive and modern primitive practises in a contemporary society where consumer culture uses the body as a representation as well as a display of a source of identity.

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Alexandra Afanasyeva’s poetic approach to jewellery and passion for experimentation comes from a mixed cultural and educational background; she speaks five languages and having traveled the world she constantly derives inspiration from a huge amount of sources. Her experience in fine jewellery also allows her to create fashion accessories with a pure luxury finish.

She created her jewellery brand, Sasha Jewellery, in order to be fully dedicated to the world of male accessories.

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Alexandra is a London based textile designer who graduated from London College of Fashion, specialising in Knitwear. She was first introduced to the knitting machine at the age of seven, as a willing student to her great-grandmother who was keen to pass on her skills and love of the craft.

Alexandra now looks to reinterpret domestic machine knitting, creating designs which have the power to shock the contemporary market and distance traditional gender stereotypes. She revives traditional knit techniques such as fairisle, weaving, e-wrapping and felting through the use of nonconformist yarns such as paper yarn, or elastic.

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Alice Callum draws from the elements of performance art, theatrical presences and art within everyday life to form a collection, which promotes the individual, the unique and the weird. The essence of performance is seen in our daily lives, whether we perform through our clothes and appearance or hobbies and interests, each person stands within a performance of their own.

The collection focuses on developing individuality and performance through textile embellishment and detail. Focus on appliqué and beading combined with contrasting fabrics and bold colours addresses the outlandish themes and core of performance with the body as the medium.

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Disturbed twists, contorted shapes and hung elements perfectly describe Alice Henrey’s maximalist sports luxe graduate collection.

Inspired by historical sportswear silhouettes from her dad’s personal Olympic magazine collection, Alice established large billowing shapes in contrast to tight restrictive bodies, which became the foundation silhouette throughout her collection.

Due to her hyper feminine and flamboyant style, Alice has worked alongside the likes of Marc Jacobs in New York and her designs have also been worn by singer, Jorja Smith in Paper Magazine.

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Alice Pons has recently graduated in Fashion Design Womenswear at London College of Fashion.

Alongside her degree she has completed two internships at Céline for a total of six months. In her final year Alice was selected for the LCF 2018 Press Show, a prestigious event with significant press coverage. Alice’s graduate collection was featured on Elléments magazine, Evening Standard, Beauty Papers and on I-D Magazine online.

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Alvin Lam studied Fashion and Textiles in Hong Kong before moving to the UK to do his masters. London culture heavily inspires Lam, particularly those based around gender. His designs are filling the gap between targeted gender-specific and androgynous apparel. Alvin is redefining industry standards on gender fluidity through his convertible and neutral designs that imply clothing is not personalised to gender. Using playful minimalism and reflecting on issues surrounding subjective character, acceptance and unity his collection is about personality rather than masculinity or femininity.

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Amy Thomson’s graduate collection focuses on fashion as a canvas for art, using hand rendered illustrations and surface prints to tell a narrative. Drawing on the details is the ethos to her graduate collection; blurring the lines between fashion design and illustration with contemporary awareness and innovation.

Her collection focuses on hand illustrative details throughout allowing her to design garments that relate to a particular character in a 3D way. By creating a narrative, Amy builds relationships with different audiences, addressing issues and values allowing the wearer to express issues they connect to through clothing.

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Amber May is a Textile designer based in London, specialising in fashion accessories. With a background in Fine art, Fashion and Textiles, the collections use experimental mixed media.

Currently, her collection explores ancient hand techniques that glorify the skill of craftmanship. Inspired by the beauty of boldily kinesthetic intelligence, particularly within hand crafted Thai architecture, the collection reflects this through modern colours, materials and fabric construction.

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Anne Marie K is an Egyptian designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2017. Her work explores the philanthropic approach of the position of Egyptian women. By fusing empowered feminine tailoring and elegance with once dying Egyptian traditional arts and crafts Anne Marie K is reinventing women empowerment and allowing them to feel treasured in what they wear.

Each piece in her graduate collection tells a story. The colours used in the garments are derived from the scenery in Egypt and the materials used encompass traditional Egyptian dying arts.

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After having studied Womenswear in Korea, she took hold of the opportunity to further her creative exploration by placing herself in the heart of London, one of the industry’s key players. Expanding her breadth, Annie took it upon herself to study fashion media, illustration and design before moving into Menswear at the London College of Fashion. She has since gone on to work for ADYN and Nicomede Talavera and continues to thread her conceptual approach to design through her newer collections.

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Central Saint Martins graduate Anson Lau’s first collection centers on textile and fabric design. For her collection, she took inspiration from three famous artist across a series of works - Marina Abramović, Eliza Bennett and Justin Bartels. The works from these artists revolve around physical sensations through the use and the infliction of textiles and objects.

From these three key pieces of work, Anson’s collection centers on the superficial perception of an object. Her collection encourages the wearer to engage in a dialogue with the garments to sense the disparity between what we see and what actually is.

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Specialised in sustainability and circular design, French fashion designer Aurélie Fontan established her label in London after graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art.

With a Fine Art background, Aurélie pushes technological innovation and scientific discoveries to the forefront of her design process, combining avant-garde aesthetics and sustainable manufacturing methods.

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