15th July 2019

Following our invitation to attend the Istituto Marangoni 2019 catwalk show, we had the extreme pleasure to talk to the Program Leader for all MA, PhD, PGCert and FHEA courses, Kirsten Scott. From working as an haute-couture and ready to wear fashion and accessories designer, seeing her work on the runway in all the major fashion capitals to completing a PhD in Constructed Textiles, it’s safe to say Scott is well-versed when it comes to the fashion industry having an extensive background spanning over 30 years.

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15th April 2019

Young, brave and energetic French born haute couture womenswear designer Aurélie Fontan, has quickly caught the attention of the leading London fashion industry by taking home numerous awards including: Fashion Scout’s Ones To Watch Award, the Dame Vivienne Westwood Ethical and Sustainable Award, M&S Best Womenswear Award and the Catwalk Textiles Award.

For her LFW debut collection, ‘Tensegrity’, she engineered much of her fabric in a science lab, growing yeasts and bacterias to transform into eye-catching haute couture garments. 

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11th October 2019

Following our invitation to attend Kingston Universities’ 11th MA catwalk show, we were fortunate enough to speak to the Associate Professor and Course Leader for MA Fashion at Kingston, Richard Sorger.

Richard has an extremely impressive and vast expertise within the fashion industry. From teaching, designing, co-authoring; Richard has done it all. Richard began his teaching immediately after graduating, having taught all levels of fashion education from undergraduate to postgraduate at an extensive list of renowned universities including Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion and of course, Kingston University.

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23rd August 2017

The French girl with Caribbean roots you are about to see everywhere. Olive-skinned and raven-eyed, she is without a doubt one of the most impressive models to rise through the ranks.

Attending A-List events such as Cannes International Film Festival and giving her all to charity events such as AMFAR, where millions of pounds are raised and friends with high-ranking celebs such as David Beckham and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Claudia is never content with merely keeping up, she is absolutely owning it. We caught up with the impressive individual to talk dream projects, red carpet appearances and helping both others and the environment.

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12th November 2016

Growing up in the early 90’s in Guangzhou, China at the height of Japanese and American cultural influences, Feifei Yang’s childhood was dominated by the influx of Western pop music and Japanese cartoons. With nostalgia acting as a strong influencer, her designs innately drew from the two elements.

Parallels in architecture and clothing are endeavours explored in Fei Fei Yang’s eponymous collection. The intentions behind both subjects are simple: to house the human body through design. She spends much of her time extracting elements from both realms, where she develops unique methods of draping, fitting and cutting.

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12th October 2016

Shur Ruitz says relax. Inundated by the fast pace of modern society, Ruizi Shi has gone back to ancient philosophy to find peace and tranquility, two ideals that run her everyday life and work ethic. Throughout her tranquil journey, she has come to realise that “the heart does not need to be enriched through flashy things”, a mantra that is evident through her simplistic designs.

Balance also runs through Ruizi’s day-to-day life, a synthesis of work and leisure, allocating her time capturing inspirational moments through collaging and drawing and reading books in her downtime.

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12th september 2016

The eponymous brand, tiantian, solidified its place in fashion early when they received the ASOS LTD100 award in 2009 and getting praise from fashion’s harshest critics, Susie Bubble and Markus Lupfer. Heralded for her keen eye for digital prints, she takes inspiration from nature and uses motifs of landscapes and flowers to amplify her refined tailoring.

On designing clothes, Tian’s philosophy is as follows: “for every first-class design and product, much time is needed to be spent on their creation”. Turning her back on the need for speed to vie for a spot amongst fast fashion’s competitors, Tian’s unwavering practice has proved true the old adage: slow and steady wins the race.

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