Alvin Lam studied Fashion and Textiles in Hong Kong before moving to the UK to do his masters. London culture heavily inspires Lam, particularly those based around gender. His designs are filling the gap between targeted gender-specific and androgynous apparel. Alvin is redefining industry standards on gender fluidity through his convertible and neutral designs that imply clothing is not personalised to gender. Using playful minimalism and reflecting on issues surrounding subjective character, acceptance and unity his collection is about personality rather than masculinity or femininity.

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Anh Nguyen, a London-based fashion designer, graduated from the University of East London in 2019. His focus is menswear but always has an interest in womenswear and accessories.

Born and raised in Vietnam, Anh always mixes his Asian cultural background with his inspiration from the West where he had his studies in his designs. With an interest in lifestyle and cultures that surround him, Anh likes to bring out the contrasts of the same stories to the corporate that in his work.

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After having studied Womenswear in Korea, she took hold of the opportunity to further her creative exploration by placing herself in the heart of London, one of the industry’s key players. Expanding her breadth, Annie took it upon herself to study fashion media, illustration and design before moving into Menswear at the London College of Fashion. She has since gone on to work for ADYN and Nicomede Talavera and continues to thread her conceptual approach to design through her newer collections.

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Being among the top 40 Best Graduates and Top 10 Menswear Collections 2019 designers, Assem Issingarina has recently graduated from Istituto Marangoni in Milan, the well-known school of fashion and design.

The basis of her recent menswear collection was the story of her upbringing times and the atmosphere in which she was surrounded by while she was 10 years old. This particular collection brings out the aesthetics that Assem was surrounded by in a Post-Soviet country giving the accent to the clothes worn by her parents and brothers.

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Focusing on the fragility of social pillars that make up the world we live in, Christoph Ritter attempts to ridicule, overcome and annihilate these norms with his designs. Based in London, Christoph has been creatively trained in Antwerp, Florence and London and is currently pursuing his MA in Fashion (Womenswear) at Central Saint Martins.

With a keen interest in political systems and ideologies he strives to creating clothes that overcome being a mere representation of social codes and status. His ideal is an intellectual interaction with one’s environment through self-expression and the embracements of one’s oddities and awkwardness.

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Claire Peng is a Canadian menswear designer currently pursuing her MA in Fashion Design Menswear at Central Saint Martins. She graduated in 2018 with a BA in Womenswear Design from the London College of Fashion and has cut her teeth at CÉLINE, Per Gotesson and others. She has been showcased in publications such as VFiles and Dazed, and was awarded the Nike Flyleather award at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019.

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Daoyuan Ding is a menswear designer, graduated from UAL London College of Fashion MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear course. Ding worked previously at Uniqlo in Tokyo and Shanghai as a designer, and a local brand in Shanghai as menswear line founder before heading to London to earn a Masters degree in his passion.

Ding’s graduation collection, titled Migratory Vagueness expresses the vagueness of objects and human identities. It tells a story where nothing is really defined, represented by The Uncanny, in which the familiar is unfamiliar.

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Emily graduated from Kingston University London in 2017 with a First class degree in Fashion. Her collection focuses on the idea of a strong, masculine identity. Using vintage ice hockey photos as her starting point, she combined details and silhouettes from their uniforms with bold, colourful prints inspired by Salvation Mountain in California. Each piece defines luxury menswear with a youthful, fun twist.

Since completing her graduate collection she has gone on to show at Graduate Fashion week, including being selected to show in the Gala which featured the top 25 students from the whole of Graduate Fashion Week.

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Ericka Santiago studied Fashion Design at the Arts University Bournemouth. Since starting her degree, she took an interest in Unisex Fashion and has continued to push this forward throughout her degree. Ericka is a designer that challenges gender norms and often use colour and print to do this. Inspired by art, society and culture, her designs often reflect social and cultural issues.

Her collection centres on the portrayal of her parents' culture - the Philippines.

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Frances Spry specialises in sustainable menswear with military themes. She is a Fashion (BA) graduate from the University for the Creative Arts, Epsom.

She has a deep-rooted devotion to the importance of clothing and how garment production can be approached in a more sustainable manner. Wearability, functionality and uniqueness are key themes in Frances’s work and she aims to design garments that consumers will love and keep for years to come.

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Georgina is an eclectic menswear designer from the farm lands of West Wales. Specialising in mens tailoring while taking a light quirky approach to the traditional. When growing up Georgina was heavily involved with textiles, weaving and knitting. This interest came from her mother. Having these influences around from an early age allowed her passion for design to develop throughout her childhood.

Georgina’s graduate collection was inspired by a variation of artists but her main focus was taking distorted elements and turning them into energetic, colourful pieces within men’s tailoring through a mix of knit and fur.

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Jaehyeong Bak is menswear designer of label ‘Jak Bae’. He had studied computer science at university when he was in South Korea, but he stopped studying and then came here to London to study fashion design. Recently, he graduated from BA Fashion Design and Technology Menswear at London College of Fashion. He is interested in history, primitive and ancient technology, engineering, machinery and robot toys, all of this stuff are the background of his inspiration.

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James Reeves’ work explores a masculine identity through military references, juxtaposed and spliced with sequin. In combination with print and colour, he aimed to challenge the lack of such things within menswear.

James reflected on his own wardrobe and at school uniforms, how these two ideas of subconscious and enforced conformity dictated men’s dress. Bright colours and prints made little to no appearance and this informed the direction of his collection.

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Having studied Sportswear Design for his first two years at Falmouth University, Jake was able to use these skills when he moved onto the Fashion course to design his final collection. With the sportswear ethos combined with fashion aesthetic and his interest in textiles he was able to create a utilitarian collection based around historical content, always looking backwards to go forwards. Jake says he doesn’t aim to be original but to elaborate on what has already been in his own personal style.

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Ji Min Lee

Ji Min Lee is a menswear designer from South Korea. She graduated Parsons MFA Fashion Design & Society 2019 and her thesis collection selected to present during New York Fashion Week Runway Show SS20.

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KAT EVANS is a MENSWEAR DESIGNER, challenging masculinity with a feminine twist within her BA Graduate Collection, THE FLOWER BOYS CLUB.

The collection centres on Britain’s most exclusive all boys’ boarding school, Eton College, with an in-depth exploration of the hierarchical elite. This collection draws on traditional tailoring shapes and silhouette, whilst pushing the boundaries with a growing graphic print and 3D embellishment.

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Katie Holmes is a menswear designer who has graduated with a First Class Degree from Nottingham Trent University.

Katie Holmes’ BA fashion design graduate collection concept started with British rebellion in fashion during the ’80s after a long period of rioting and rebellion in Britain. The Buffalo collective was made up of photographers, designers and artists. The disruptive and radical movement transformed the way that society absorbed fashion with a pioneering style, showing new masculine identities that became one of the most influential of the decade.

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Ka Yee Lee is an avant-garde menswear designer, recently graduated from Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts - her graduate collection was showcased during Graduate Fashion Week 2019 as a part of the collective group show. Her collection has received a strong positive response having been posted on numerous websites and also featured in The Cambridge Independent and the national newspapers ‘The Daily Telegraph’ and the Times.

During her second year in university, she completed internships with avant-garde designer Gareth Pugh and menswear designer Lou Dalton. Ka Yee is now launching her brand as PRE[SSOC].

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Determined to inject expression and variety into the menswear market, Lauren Broxton is a creator of bespoke artisanal pieces built to stand the test of time.

Interested in how an individual’s environment shapes their attitudes and values, she takes inspiration in the everyday and ordinary with intent to transform it into something extraordinary. Forming deep, interpersonal relationships is crucial to her design process, taking the time to understand her subjects and their needs.

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Hailing from Stockholm but currently based in London, Linus Leonardsson is a Master graduate from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

His work centers around the combination of fun and glamour with important social issues - first and foremost the demolition of gender expectations within fashion, and a push towards a fully sustainable industry.

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Lorenzo Seghezzi is a fashion designer born and based in Milan, Italy’s fashion capital city. His great passion for drawing and all that concerns creativity made him a very open minded person who's always seeking for originality and contrast with common social rules. After getting a high school diploma in scenography in 2016 his interest in fashion design started showing and after three years in a BA Fashion Design course at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti he got a First Degree Diploma with honours.

One of his main inspiration is the LGBTQI+ cause and culture which he tries to express and highlight in all his works.

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With a passion for fashion and art, Manon Pradier is a Menswear designer based in China. Manon showcased her graduation collection last September at the Vancouver Fashion Week.

During the time when she was pursuing her Bachelor in Fashion Design and Pattern making in Esmod Dubai, Manon had always been inspired by the different shapes and patterns that was around the city and during her travels.

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Monika Juaneikaite's professional tailoring and design skills allowed her to create a collection, which translates a minimal and sophisticated feel. Monica was heavily inspired by gender. She asked herself what does it mean to be a women or a man? A lot of influence came from the history of transgender males and females. She looked into a range of different centuries and cultures, which in turn allowed her to develop a new take on traditional menswear tailoring.

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Using a combination of traditional Chinese and Japanese wear with elements of modern European garments, Melanie’s collection focuses on using origami shapes and tailoring techniques to create a gender-neutral collection.

Flowers were the motif of the collection. Using different folding techniques, Melanie applied this to her garment to create volume and three-dimensional shapes, focusing the drama on the top half of the body. In contrast, clean lines and refined tailoring were used on the bottom half, a happy medium between tradition and modernity, simple and decorative.

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Orlanda James is a multidisciplinary creative based in London, using fashion and visual communication as a medium to interrogate the male experience and explore marginalised masculinities. Her work during her bachelors degree at Kingston School of Art challenged how masculinity is seen within disempowered youth. Her perspective on maleness is broad and nuanced, giving space to softer elements beyond the limited stereotype of fetishised toughness.

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Peng Ye was born in Hangzhou China. He relocated to New York city and studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design when he was 18. In 2018, Peng Graduated as a honoured candidate.

His thesis collection was selected and presented in Parsons 70th Benefit Fashion Show, 2018 CFDA Fashion Future Graduates Showcase, and 2018 CFDA + Program. His background in fine art and photography, have given Peng a lot of possibilities of seeing things differently. He sees his work minimalist, but it never means simple, but a concentration of enriched process and experience.

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Peng Yu Wang’s disciplinary education and working background helped him to successfully create a remarkable graduate collection. Inspired by the way insects are constantly renovating and breaking their own inherent patterns in order to become brand new, vivacious and beautiful beings, Peng Yu focused on breaking original lifestyles when it came to creating his collection.

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Samson Leung (Shek Yen) is a multidisciplinary designer, currently based in London. Samson was originally born in Taiwan and raised in Hong Kong. He graduated in 2018 from his BA in Fashion Design Womenswear at Central Saint Martins and currently continue also at Central Saint Martins on his MA Fashion Womenswear. Coming from a family that works in the entertainment and film industry, Samson grew up in film sets, hence developed an interest in both fashion and moving images.

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Savvas Alexander is a menswear designer based out of London, focusing on garment development that blends technical construction with fluidity and drape. Having recently graduated from his BA at London College of Fashion, his focus was developing his skills in pattern cutting innovation and exploring 3D modelling techniques to develop interesting silhouettes.

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Shun Yip is a Sheffield based Menswear Designer who graduated from Sheffield Hallam University. This project is delving into the notion of the film ‘Pleasantville’ She is using it as a bedrock to push the ideas from an archetypal world that has divergent protagonists. An existence that has distractions from what the world really is, the utopian principles painting a picture of a faultless environment, a sanctuary from the reality that surrounds us every day.

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Panna designs clothing solely through experimentation with advanced materials and unorthodox methods of construction. The initial focus on purely how the clothing is made removes any historical or cultural referencing from the design process.

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Siyi Long graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2019 after following in an MA in menswear design and technology, where she focused on womenswear, technology, and knitwear. She’s a fashion designer who explores the harmony between functionality and a strong sense of design. Siyi Long has a clear yet simple philosophy: create innovative, functional high-end clothing for dads so they can enjoy a more confident life more with their children and family.

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Since acquiring an Associate Womenswear degree at Baewha college in South Korea, Sohyeon Park decided to explore textile at Greentextile Vendor. While working there, she could learn how to produce fabrics from factories and negotiate between manufactures and market. However The more she worked at the company, the more she felt sick about commercial business and fast fashion as the company mostly dealt with the industry. Therefore she made decision to move into UK as she always admired London fashion after obtaining Working holiday visa from UK. 

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Sophie Bailey is a modern, up and coming designer with a fresh approach to Menswear, featuring a strong aesthetic consisting of textiles and print application.

Her latest collection perfectly epitomised her aesthetic by looking to the everyday and hoarding to create an impactful, cohesive collection of pieces featuring vinyl graphics, new fabrication techniques and hardware detailing. With a tone on tone colour palette throughout the collection it created a sophisticated and matured aesthetic, developed throughout her MA course at Kingston University.

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Sophie Hird is a recently graduated designer from London College of Fashion. Her work focuses on reducing the number of garments ending up in landfill, by up-cycling them and giving a new vibrant context; her graduate collection prides itself in being produced completely with up-cycled football jerseys.

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A Menswear Design graduate from the London College of Fashion, Steve Jin decided to find inspiration for his first collection through introspection and opposition. As a minimalist with high standards of cleanliness, Steve wanted to incorporate these personal aspects.

At the same time, he wanted to create tension and found himself fascinated by the festivalgoers of Woodstock – their fluid motions and carefree nature. Marrying these two seemingly contradictory ideas together, he coloured his garments with hand embroidered flowers and softer lines on a delicate palette. The collection made use of fusing together and modernising traditional draping and tailoring techniques.

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Born in France with a Portuguese heritage, Steven Passaro is a menswear designer based in London. At the age of 19, he entered the set and interior design course of Duperré where he developed his ability and taste for constructions.

During his time in Paris, Steven worked for Christian Dior as a VM designer for a year while learning sewing and pattern making.

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Susan Forrest is a Glasgow based menswear designer who graduated from Manchester School of Art. Her first collection explores the concept of our relationship with denim clothing

Fascinated with what happens to denim clothing once it ends up in close proximity with the body; the wear and tear that occurs through constant wear and how denim molds to the body. This, in turn, allowing everyday habits and lives to become visible within the material.

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Birmingham City graduate, Thomas Cox travelled around New York and London in order to further develop his creative self. Whilst in New York, he visited an exhibition called The Out and Bad Series at The Museum of Art and Design where he saw a piece called Swag Swag Krew, which consisted of a group of very masculine mannequins in masculine poses, juxtaposed with flamboyantly feminine outfits.

Thomas then went on to consider why was it that homosexual men are not considered masculine, strong or intimidating in society like a gang would be.

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Vee Hayward is a British fashion designer specialising in menswear, who graduated in 2019 from The University of Brighton. She initially studied illustration at university, after a year she decided to take a risk and delve into the world of fashion. The world of fashion was unknown to her, however, she quickly establishes a distinctive style, bluring the line between art and fashion. As a result, her approach combines both traditional and unconventional techniques, developing pieces as abstract shapes that work in tandem with the human form.

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Xiao Zhu Chen’s first collection took inspiration from Pollock’s Toy Museum, a quaint yet historical venue showcasing traditional and contemporary toys. Transforming nostalgia into her designs, garments were covered in childlike scribbles and one-off prints that mimicked a child playing in the midst of their many toys.

Using specialised cutting and draping techniques, each outfit paid homage to Xiao Zhu’s fond childhood memories. Bold and vivid colours accompanied a mélange of textures and LEGO building blocks made their debut in the form of accessories.

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Nigerian designer, Yingi Goma’s graduate menswear collection draws inspirations from a street vendor in Nigeria. By viewing the African country with a third eye, she captures her Lagos car ride experience, the lifestyle and environment.

There is a mix of unusual garment fabrics such as tech net, plastic and hessian; shapes and oversized silhouettes. Draw cords passed through button holes, Detachable bags and draw string sack-like shapes that reference items street hawkers carry on their body. The use of embroidery and print for text reference is a key aspect that brings curiosity to the collection.

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Inspired by tailoring and corsetry history, Zexi Yu is quite literally a menswear fairy tale come true. She translated her otherworldly, risqué attitude into garments filled with intricate silhouettes, dutch satin and effeminate detailing.

Yu augmented her garments through elaborate lining and shoulder pad silhouettes. This allowed her to fashion ingenious designs that were further heightened through adept tailoring. The effeminate colours and idea of lingerie allowed her to reinvent menswear in a more open minded way.

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Ziyu Yi is a menswear designer who graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2018. He enjoys studying the history of European men's fashion. His collection is inspired by specific silhouettes of menswear that were popular in different periods of time. His designs focus on the development and changes within pattern cutting, as a skill.

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