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Paola Barrago is a London based fashion designer specialised in womenswear and with a strong interest in contemporary craftsmanship. Through the designer collection contemporary craftsmanship is focused upon as continuity between tradition and modernity.

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Qiuye Pan is a womenswear designer with a passion for experimental pattern cutting and functional design. She previously studied at Donghua University (Shanghai), Istituto Marangoni (Milan), and Kingston University (London), and she is currently based in London and Guangzhou.

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From growing up in the middle of the quiet countryside in Essex, LCF graduate Róisín Cummins,24 found herself takin on the bustling city life of London in 2016 after gaining a place on the prestigious Fashion Design Womenswear BA at London College of Fashion.

Róisín has always been incredibly intrigued and drawn towards the darker more theatrical side of fashion, something that was heavily introduced to her when she got the opportunity to intern for Gareth Pugh in 2012.

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I am constantly questioning myself as to how I can create sculptural fantasies. For me designing is all about having the emotional connection, to dream and to escape from reality. My imagination allows me to transcend from the mundane into something that is exciting and innovative. There are elements of haute couture that I feel particularly drawn to such as the sense of freedom and individuality. By taking the time to focus and tailor the look I am trying to achieve one to one with the garment myself.

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Inspired by the form and structure of the human anatomy - Rosie D’Ercole’s SS20 collection (Therion) explores silhouette through a creative use of pattern cutting. It is clear that lingerie played a large part in inspiring her construction techniques, with the use of multiple underbodies to build and alter the silhouette.

The contradiction of mixing dark subject matter with wearable silhouette and print has always been appealing to Rosie. A key research image was Joel Peter-Witkin’s ‘Woman Once a Bird’, finding the crossover between human and animal intriguing.

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Ruth William’s collection is focused around the concept of protection, both physical and emotional. Taking inspiration from tents, sportswear and a beloved knitted jumper, the collection is designed to question our practical needs and explore the emotional attachment we have with our clothing.

Made with reused tents and giant rubber knitting, the collection mixes high-tech materials with minimalist cutting and intricate fabric techniques. This originated from questioning the role clothing plays in everyday life. In the most basic sense, clothing protects us from the elements, keeps us warm and keeps us safe. but it also holds a strong emotional attachment.

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Sarah Garfield is a young, London based, Womenswear designer, who graduated in 2017 from Ravensbourne. Having grown up in London, Sarah was continually taking in the City’s rebellious, non-conformist, often outlandish sense of dress, particularly as a teenager, which is deeply entrenched into her design DNA. There is a clear sense of adolescent rebellion in her clothing, to be expressed at any age.

Sarah’s main aesthetic combines a subtle darkness with a sad, fragile beauty. She mixes delicate, nymph-like historical references, with modern references to strong, forceful female subcultures and confident female sexuality. The main focus is contrast, giving a bittersweet feel.

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Born in South Korea and received BFA degree in Fashion Design from Parsons the New School for Design, Seung is passionate about art, design, and communication.

Seung believes fashion is an artistic medium and wants to apply many elements of abstract painting and collage to her collection. In her collection, she expresses her aesthetic sensibility through oversized shapes with bold colors so that her clothes provide freedom and artistic sensibility to wearers. She likes to design unconventional clothes with geometric lines with refined details.

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Shamima’s collection ‘Conflicted Heritage’ focuses on the inner struggles that exist within all of us in various aspects of our lives, which shape us to be the individuals we are.

This particular project explores her own conflicting thoughts and emotions that arise out of a need to construct an identity that considers all of the flavours of her different cultures.

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The brand name “Kill King Thrushbeard” comes from Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale King Thrushbeard. The story portrays a young, beautiful princess being humiliated by King Thrushbeard because of her pride and sarcastic nature. Even so, she accepts his so-called love gratefully at the end for he offers her fancy clothes and the position of the queen. Kill King Thrushbeard is to celebrate women’s intelligence, and the belief of sarcasm as a sign of humour and philosophical thinking.

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Shaofen is an alumna of London College of Fashion, specializing in Womenswear. She graduated in 2017 and was listed amongst ’10 designers to watch from the London College of Fashion’s Fashion show’. Shaofen launched her namesake label in 2019, offering timeless, modern yet effortless Ready-to-wear pieces. Her collections are often informed by experimenting with variations of scales and shapes in 2D before translating it onto fabrics resulting in clothing with clean cuts which reflects her personal identity.

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When pursuing her BA degree in Embroidery and Textiles design at London College of Fashion, Sixtine became the spectator of a series of demonstrations and protests which took place in her home country -France - and the country she lives in - England. New movements and revendications arose, people presently revive the action of protest. The body becomes then a revolution, a flag on its own.

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During the time when she was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design and development course in London College of Fashion, Sijia had always been focused on how relationships between creativity, wearable and femininity.

Nowadays, her interest falls on stories from the 1900s. Her collections constantly incorporate themes from 20 century‘s myth, allied with deconstruction elements.

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Sinead Gorey, born and bred in South East London and a recent graduate from the reputable London College of Fashion Womenswear course.

She has had her garments worn by relevant figures such as Jorja Smith, Zara Larson, Tiffany Calver, JGrey, Nilufer Yanya, Mira May and more. Her most recent collection is a nostalgic nod to her years of growing up around the London squat raving scene, creating garments for the new age matured raver.

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Sophie Jane Robinson is a London based Womenswear designer and recent graduate from UCA Epsom. With a passion for unusual textile use, her designs feature clothing made from interior fabrics and items. Throughout her BA in Fashion, she became more conscious of the impact of the fashion industry upon the environment and therefore, a constant focus on the environmental impact of her work has resulted in the development of unusual and reused textiles within her work

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A New York-based designer, Sydney Umberto is a graduate from Parsons, The New School of Design, with a BFA in fashion design.

Her design philosophy is very much inspired by her emotions. Specializing in women's ready-to-wear, Sydney's designs are minimal, focusing on informal daywear, although some pieces will satisfy some formal aspects of a woman's life. She focuses on fine fabric and juxtaposing the perfect fit with relaxed, oversized silhouettes, using a calm colour scheme.

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In 2015, Marina graduated from E.A Buketov State University with a degree in graphic design in Kazakhstan, Karaganda. After working as a graphic, game designer for 5 years, in 2018 she graduated from British Higher School of Art and Design, one of the best-specialised universities in Russia. After her graduation, she founded The Madden Projects brand, dedicated to meaningful consumption against the background of the mass market. The collection was shown at Mercedes Fashion Week Moscow in 2018.

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CHEZ-SOI is a project built on a personal experience of not feeling at home. Imagining a wardrobe which restores the comfort and nostalgia of our dearest places to us, no matter where we are. He combined the two strongest places he lived in and extracted their colors, materials and symbols to recreate a space in between, his collection.

Traditionally trained in draping and pattern making, he pursued a more sustainable way of designing through digital.

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Trang Hoang graduated with a First Class Degree in Womenswear from the London College of Fashion in 2018. Born and raised in the city of Hanoi, Vietnam before moving to the UK in 2012, traces from the rich traditions and vibrant history of her hometown could be found throughout her collections.

Intrigued by the human conditions and the evocation of emotions through visuals and the obtrusion of space, Trang enjoys morphing and distorting shapes into organic forms that seek to stand alone as a harmonical piece.

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Laura Meijering graduated in 2016. After receiving a BA of Arts in Fashion design she started Unravelau. This gave her the freedom she wanted. However, with that freedom came the responsibility to tell a genuine story. Laura’s experience has taught her that, as an artist, she has the responsibility to design fashion that takes the planet and its society into account. Even though she fears that we as a society are not making this change fast enough, she is committed to express her creativity by unravelling the threads of fashion.

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Emotions, experiences and stories heard during the journey are the key driving factors for the inspiration. Valuing all life and presence of each and every person along a design process are the fundamental beliefs that Uroos is promoting through the use of culturally rich textiles and techniques in her collections.

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Veronica Lee is a fashion designer based in New York City.

Lee graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2019 with a BFA in Fashion Design. During her studies, she received the Hugo Boss Scholarship Prize for excellence in the Collection Pathyway as well as the Parsons 2019 Academic Award for Creative Systems. In addition, she was named one of CFDA’s Fifty Fashion Future Graduates of 2019.

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Vincent Lapp is a French born London based Womenswear designer who strives to promote a fashion that engages on political and social matters, in an urge to makes things move positively.

He completed his BA at Central Saint Martins in 2018, developing a collection looking to set as a statement against religious fanaticism, obscurantism and violence. Vincent’s original inspiration came from his sister’s decision to convert to Judaism, submitting to strict rules, combined with the tensed atmosphere around terrorism and religious outfits in France.

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Vinny Lim is a Womenswear designer based in Indonesia and London, who specialises in capturing the aesthetic of the asymmetrical designs.

Ever since she started studying at Istituto Marangoni London, her collections always focused on incorporating the idea of imperfection and asymmetry, at the same time portraying effortless elegance.

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Vu Ta Linh is a Vietnamese designer who won Audi Star Creation 2013 in Singapore. He previously graduated at Hanoi Academy Of Theatre & Cinema in 2009 and Hanoi London College For Fashion & Design in 2012, before running his own fashion brand VU TA LINH, Vietnam.

His goal is to create sustainable clothes that are both traditional and modern, for women who love nature, heritage, contemporary art and uniqueness.

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WANG HE YI - W. H. Y aims to become a sustainable fashion luxury brand with its fabric-oriented design process. It centres its designs around ancient Chinese philosophy - Taoism. Since Taoism is such a pearl of fundamental and profound wisdom in Chinese history, the scope of its ideas and concepts covers many truths of the universe. To revive this ancient wisdom, modern avant-garde aesthetics are employed to explain and demonstrate the unfamiliar eastern philosophy in an analogical approach.

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As one of Northumbria’s twenty most innovative fashion students, Wen Yue Zhang’s debut collection was showcased at London Graduate Fashion Week 2016 where it was met with rave reviews.

Wen Yue's motif comes from an aspect of Peking Opera: the tradition of men performing female roles on stage, namely that of the coquettish female type, an aspect of traditional Peking opera that became Wen Yue's motif. Neutral overtures became the framework to her collection. Applied on top of this foundation are traditional Chinese elements such as the use of brocade fabric, cloaking styles, headdress details and pattern specifications to be inlaid with modern techniques and fabrics.

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As a womenswear designer based in Cornwall, Wiam often saw a lack of diverse workwear that included other cultures and allowed peoples personalities to come through. Wiam’s heritage includes the Yemeni culture as she lived in Yemen for thirteen years so this collection is truly inspired by the personal experiences of both cultures. Wiam has developed a passion for designing garments that can tell a story and celebrate different cultures.

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A recent graduate from the University for the Creative Arts, Xiao Qian graduated with a BA in Fashion Design.

She became fascinated with the different types of machinery that was involved in the production of knitwear. The movements of the machines intricacies and the synthesis of two discrepant materials, cold hard metal against soft malleable fibres became the inspiration to her collection. By using different materials and opposing forms in the construction of her garments, Xiao Qian was able to capture these complex discrepancies.

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Yayi Chen is a designer and artist who specializes in fashion design and art collaborations. Growing up in both Spain and China, her unique upbringing influenced and fostered her love for art and her ability to interpret art through a multicultural perspective.

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Having grown in South Korea, Yebin Maeng graduated from Anyang Art High school in her home country, and graduated Womenswear fashion design and Technology at London College of Fashion with the First Class honour in 2019. Her graduation collection which consists of 4 looks was selected for LCF Press Show 2019, a prestigious and celebratory event.

Her final collection ‘Chapter 2. The Workbook’ was focused on the spies’ missions; The train and the party. The final goals of the missions were not revealed, however, the rules, process, and indications were secretly portrayed in her final collection.

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Yehau Fan has a comparatively international and diversified background for his university study. Before he completed MA Fashion at Kingston University, he first studied Environmental Art Design for his BA at Gaungxi Arts University, and Light Industry at the Zengzhou University.

During his studies and after graduation, he harvested a vast spectrum of work experience from participating in various industries, ranging from building and landscaping industry, to fashion design.

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Yelim Cho has grown up in South Korea, graduated from London College of Fashion in 2019 with a BA specializing in Fashion Design Womenswear.

Alongside her degree, she announced the recipient of the UK winner from Modaporto fashion design competition 2018. In her final year, Yelim was selected for LCF 2019 Press show and her graduate collection opened the final show, exhibiting her vision of blended tailored garments with sportswear, dark wild, and strong energy which leads to female empowerment.

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Inspired by her passion for craftsmanship and her eclectic sense of humour, Yen Wong is a Malaysian Womenswear designer focussed on the combination of intricate techniques and heritage with ideas of kitsch and camp.

Yen’s graduate collection has a playful tone, exploring the idea of the perfect 1950s-60s woman and the immense social pressures placed upon women, leading to an eventual manic episode. Using classic couture and tailoring silhouettes as well as construction techniques from that time period as inspiration, she also touches upon her own personal heritage, juxtaposing elements from her Malaysian-Chinese background alongside the heavily westernised perspective of the 50s-60s woman.

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Yi Chen Ho, a recent graduate from Parsons The New School of Design, is an upcoming fashion designer based in New York. As a designer who believes in art-infused fashion, Yi Chen Ho dedicates her time developing the language that flows between design and art with a specific goal of creating thoughtful designs that not only please the eyes, but also the mind. Therefore, art, psychology, and philosophy are often woven into her work.

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Yujin Seo, the designer of the brand “SEOUU”, is from Seoul, South Korea. She majored in womenswear at London College of Fashion and graduated in 2019.

SEOUU presented the S/S20 collection to the graduation show of the London College of Fashion under the theme of 'draping with typography.’ Already presenting the pre-collection of "draping with typography" as one of Britain's representatives in the Porto competition, she went through the pre-collection process and completed her graduation collection with a step-by-step development and elevated her work.

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Zarah Ahmed is a womenswear knit designer, with a love of all things diverse and multicultural. She has interned for Preen by Thornton Bregrazzi and Whistles, where she was inspired by the aesthetic of the modern woman. A graduate from Nottingham Trent University, in Fashion Knitwear Design, she has honed her knitwear knowledge to a professional level.

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ZHIQING ZHANG is a womenswear fashion designer based in China and London. He graduated from London College of Fashion BA Womenswear in 2017.

As a designer, ZHIQING’s work represents a playful and conceptual approach to modern womenswear with an emphasis on exaggerated silhouettes, unexpected proportions and bold use of colors. Through fashion, he is building a romantic and nostalgic world, a world full of quirky and fun characters

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Based in Brooklyn, New York, Zo V. Fielder of AUNT SISTER OFFICIAL is a multi-disciplinary designer taking an anthropological approach to fashion.

During her BFA Fashion Design studies at Parsons School of Design, Zo began to shift her focus towards ideas of ‘sustainability in human relationships’, and how people value their relationships with their surroundings, community, and bodies.

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Over 8 years of overseas study experience (five years in Canada and three years in the UK), giving her rich and varied social experience and solid basic skills of fashion design.

She believes that designing clothes should be always connected with daily life; Daily is classic, classic is eternal. In her graduation collection, she takes a closer look and gets a deep understanding of the daily wear of the female city workers.

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